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Visit your local KFC at 1913 N. Falls for a fresh batch of our world’s best chicken. Hand breaded and freshly prepared! Our chicken isn’t made the fast way or the easy way. It’s made the hard way. Each fresh batch of the world’s best chicken starts with our cooks inspecting each individual piece. Then, our fresh chicken is carefully rolled 7 times in our secret blend of 11 herbs and spices before being rocked 7 times and then pressure cooked at a low temperature to preserve all the great taste we’re known for around the world. From our Original Recipe® along to our Extra Crispy™ chicken, home-style sides and buttermilk biscuits, we’re here to meet your chicken needs all day long.

Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & sides.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery KFC 72396


Friday10 AM–1 AM
Saturday10 AM–1 AM
Sunday10 AM–12 AM
(Labor Day)
10 AM–12 AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday10 AM–12 AM
Wednesday10 AM–12 AM
Thursday10 AM–12 AM

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Address: 1913 Falls Blvd, Wynne, AR 72396

Phone: (870) 238-9111



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I’m about tired of having to pull forward at the WINDOW to get my food. If I wanted my food in the lobby I’d go in and sit in the lobby. Stop padding your drive times and just give your food out of the window instead of pulling cars up almost to the road just so your drive times look better. Frankly this is Wynne Arkansas if your numbers are so bad you have to pad your times you’ve hired the wrong staff. As I’m writing this I just got pulled up AGAIN damn near to the road! This is so annoying do better. Get this! Still in line! Someone else just asked me to pull up, IM ALMOST IN THE ROAD! I wish I was exaggerating. Side note, if management reads these this isn’t a oh sometimes they do this. It’s EVERY SINGLE TIME
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This place is always getting my order wrong. Its known to be the worst place in town to eat. Really would enjoy a good meal from taco bell or kfc in my town.
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Extremely long wait for food, to the point it was ridiculous. The employees were friendly and apologetic with the exception of the manager. Manager was very rude
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leftd 5
Great service, but I slipped on a freshly washed floor that wasn’t marked properly… Be careful!!
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Arianna Morris
I hope y’all know what KFC has nothing to deal with what toco is doing, go to the taco section on here and make your rude comments there.
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Lady Karen
I hate to complain, but KFC Wynne needs to do better!!! I ordered one piece of original recipe chicken, and a pot pie.
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Greg McGill
They might as well close this place down! None of the employees care about this place any more!
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Alyssa Dean
Twice now I’ve order some chicken littles PLAIN and they still have Mayo and pickles on them. Tired of wasting money since I won’t eat them because the mayo. We also don’t live in town so it’s more disappointing to get home after the drive to see soggy chicken because of the Mayo that wasn’t supposed to be there.
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Layneta Williamson
They left things out of my order and the nachos bel grande I ordered didn’t even have a spoon full of meat on it. Top it all off after spending $60 I didn’t even get a thank you. Horrible experience and I won’t be back.
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Ginger Martin
Service was good. Food always good.
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