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Counter-serve chain specializing in sub & club sandwiches, plus signature potato chips.

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Saturday10 AM–10 PM
Sunday10 AM–10 PM
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10 AM–10 PM
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Tuesday10 AM–10 PM
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Address: 7965 Fountain Mesa Rd Suite 100, Fountain, CO 80817

Phone: (719) 382-3050



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I wish i had the opportunity to leave zero stars. The sandwich I received was made with zero effort. The veggie sandwich had little to no vegetables, felt like flattened bread sandwich with nothing on it. The bread was unbelievably hard which is not the norm for JJ’s. I had the same experience as others based on the reviews…sad that nothing has been changed as of yet. I normally read reviews but I didn’t because like how can you screw up a sandwich? Well this one did…absolutely disappointed.
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Aaron McKain
My sandwiches were delivered in a timely manner. Driver, you earned that tip. The sandwiches… Not so good. I don’t know who thought it’d be a funny prank to replace the bun with wood… We’re not laughing! See video.
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Kasey Cooper
I come here often and get the same thing every time and without fail it tastes good, every single time. The staff are nice and things are delivered in a timely matter when we order online. Been going here for nearly three years and they have yet to disappoint.
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Lloyd Farrell
I don’t understand how you guys can hear my order and completely mess it up. The Sandwich meat was not even on the bread, I asked for it too be cut, 25.00 sandwich your establishment needs management training. I’ll never eat here again, that’s a shame jimmy John’s
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Maurice M.
So I just came from here after work. Came here to get my woman and I something to eat. The customer service was fine and all. The gentleman who took my order was great and was nice. So why did I give a 1 star review? Well as you can tell by my receipt, the price of the food was a lot and yes I know I decided to come here but if I decide to spend that much money then I expect for my food to be right. My order was not right, they charged me for the extras, none of it was on there, and that had to be the driest tasting sub I’ve EVER had man. lol. I have no tolerance for getting an order wrong especially with me being patient and the extra time that they took. I would have gone back but I was already tired and just wanted to relax. Definitely a disappointment and I ‘m mad Jersey Mike’s isn’t open in the area right now because they do have the better sub for pretty much the same price. Jimmy John’s just isn’t worth the money in my opinion.
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boss crew
my daughter and I are trying to eat healthier so we get the beach club number 12 unwich… and the biggest reason we got the number 12 is because it has the avocado spread on it but this is the second time we’ve gotten it and we did not get the avocado. I would’ve ordered a different one if I didn’t want to avocado…ugh
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Nicole Morris
I am beyond livid with the unprofessional services received today at Jimmy John’s. I called to speak with the manager and was told by the lady (Kylie) on the phone that she was the manager, which I highly doubt as her phone mannerisms were lacking. She however knew of which incident I was speaking but of course denied the allegations.
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I ordered a “Giant Slim Tuna” and a “Gargantuan with cherry peppers.”
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Kat Wilson
Every single time I order pick up from here I wait like 30 minutes before I even pick up and it is never ready. Usually they haven’t even started it by the time I come in. Today I waited 40 minutes and they hadn’t even started my order and were out of something that they said would have taken another 10 minutes to make after I had already been in there waiting. So much for “freaky fast”.
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Nicole Parks
Absolutely the worst service he kept interrupting me to ask me. If I was done ordering. And then when I get home? There’s lettuce on our sandwich that doesn’t have lettuce on it. And there was plastic wrap in my sandwich!!!
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