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Relaxed coffee shop serving breakfast, panini, baked goods & smoothies in a contemporary space.

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Thursday7 AM–8 PM
Friday7 AM–8 PM
Saturday7 AM–8 PM
Sunday7 AM–8 PM
Monday7 AM–7 PM
Tuesday7 AM–7 PM
Wednesday7 AM–8 PM

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Address: 9360 Main St, Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: (571) 379-7285



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Conveniently located in Old Town Manassas. … to bring quality coffee products in a relaxed setting to Old Town Manassas. … Manassas, Virginia 20110

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Menu highlights. Frappe. $5.25. Bubble Tea. $5.75. Coffee. $2.15. Vanilla Latte. $3.85. Chai Tea Latte. $4.50. Smoothie.

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9360 Main Street, Manassas. p-ART-ners and …


A. Brown
This is my new favorite deli in old town manassas. I got the turkey club with avocado instead of turkey bacon and a decaf Irish Cream mocha with ice. This sandwich is EVERYTHING! If you’re in the neighborhood, come say hello.
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Their iced black cherry latte should be their bestselling drink. It’s wildly delicious. The barista was super sweet too.
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David Kim
They have great breakfast sandwiches and the best cheap priced salads (but quality is so good). This is photo of italian salad for only like $6.50!
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Brandon Li
A decent cafe for a quick bite and refreshments. Very quiet and small but looks like a great place for studying or working.
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Izabella Barone
Always nice to come in for a morning coffee before or after a walk. The woman who I often see working the counter is always inviting and kind, amiably chatting with guests as she BREEZES through making up orders.
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Mike Maenke
Nice little place with quick service and friendly staff. My wife and I got a tropical harmony smoothie and some cake pops to share. Both were super good and we will definitely be back to try more of the menu. Nice for a Saturday afternoon lunch or something like that.
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Nikk McAndrews
While I was at work I ordered from GCS. I ordered a blueberry muffin, with extra butter, and a turkey and bacon club, with no lettuce. The meal was enjoyable. Sadly, the restaurant appeared that they were out of butter, because when my food arrived I found a hand written note in my bag that simply said “out of butter :(“. It’s sad that a customer had to go without when a restaurant located in the middle of the city can’t send someone to the many grocery stores around to pick up an item as simple as butter. I resigned my fate and chose to take the blueberry muffin home to eat, rather than go without at work.
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Noor Ayoob
First of all the coffee was good , the store was clean and nice decorated. They definitely have a lot of options from coffee and tea and smoothies and more . The only point I want to mention was the coffee took 20 minutes to get ready bc only one person was working and took all the orders. The seating outside was nice and ppl were out enjoying the coffee , there was parking on the street in front of the store. Definitely going back again soon for coffee.
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R “Lady” G
It’s a little on the small side, but the coffee is absolutely delicious. We had three lattes, all of us agreed the coffee was prepared to order. Would recommend if you need a quick cup. Not much room in the dining area though, especially if there’s an event in Manassas.
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Audrey “Theaudestcooper” Cooper
Fairly basic options, nothing gourmet by any means, but you can grab a quick bite, relax with a drink or even buy ice cream, candies, or bags of fritos. Outside seating is nice, especially with the lovely garden next door! Prices are great.
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