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Thursday4–11 PM
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Address: 8901 W Greenfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53214

Phone: (414) 476-9920


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Chris Koterba
Golden Chicken is a regular go-to spot for me and my wife. I believe it’s exclusively takeout but the lobby has a hometown charm you just can’t get with big chain restaurants. The chicken snack pack is an excellent deal, tastes great. I’ve enjoyed various burgers, fish and chicken options. They are regularly busy but still friendly. They accept all payment forms but prefer cash so help them out whenever you can and don’t forget to add a well deserved gratuity.
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Jon Hernandez
The chicken and this golden chicken is not the same as the 1 over in hales corners. The breading is different and doesn’t have as much flavor although it was still pretty good. Staff was friendly but they didn’t look as cook professional as you would hope. Old t shirts and pants that are not flame resistant is a safety hazard and when I see this stuff I’m convinced the company doesn’t take their employees or business seriously. Safety should always be number 1. Kitchens can be very dangerous there’s literally fire within a foot away at all times when your on the line.
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Gregg Hablewitz
Called in for takeout. Chicken and FF were both decent. Make sure to check your orders before leaving if picking up. Ordered chix and FF, got garlic bread and and ff instead. Phone guy wrote it down wrong. Took a few mins but they did fix it immediately
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Victoria Rodriguez
I ordered a chicken dinner at 4:37 and didn’t get it till a hour and 20 minutes, I called to see why was it taking so long. Finally as I was on the phone with the young lady who took my order as I was telling the young lady about my order not arriving the driver pulls up and hands me the bag, I nicely told them that if the chicken was cold I wasn’t gonna keep it… I check to see if there was any heat coming from the bag? Nothing! I even opened the bag and nothing so I sent it back the driver who drives a Black Lexus SUV snatched the bag out of my hand and said I need to order from 13th and Oklahoma and proceeded to peel rubber out of my driveway!
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Kendra Gill
I ordered breaded mushrooms. There were two guys cooking and bagging orders. Neither one of them had plastic gloves on while making orders. One guy is eating fries as he is placing the food in the container. The other guy goes into the freezer gets the breaded mushrooms & puts them in the fryer with his bare hands. Then a delivery driver comes in & goes straight to the counter. Scratches his head & proceeds to check the fryer. He takes a small bag puts his hand in it to opens it & takes the fry basket out & dumps it in the bag. I’m just done! He then gets a brown paper bag & puts the order in the bag. Calls out breaded mushrooms. Oh no I said you came in here from outside & didn’t wash your hands that’s just nasty. Dude had the nerve to say but I didn’t touch any food. Are you kidding me! I said but you put your hand in the bag. Then he says I can make you another order. I said no thanks I’m done. I WILL NOT BE ORDERING FROM THIS PLACE EVER AGAIN. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.
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Kenneth Ekonoml
For a chicken joint that’s been established for 40 years YOU HAVE NO FLAVOR at all Popeyes and KFC have more flavor…..
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Golden Chicken is the best take out chicken available, the taste of their chicken is unique and consistent! The other menu items are also delicious and at a reasonable price!
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James Haase
The food is always fresh the way it was ordered and the staff kill it it may be my favorite place to eat I always love it and so does my pregnant wife we go at least once a week the food is amazing stop waiting come get some
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Tonya Moran
I haven’t eaten Golden Rush Chicken in years and I will say they did not disappoint. I ordered the chicken and rib special, it was the bomb. Ribs were so tender they fell of the bone, chicken was fried perfect, my was delivered and hot. Thank you!
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Gina Finger
What a horrible experience!! The macaroni and cheese was cold I could literally make it at home it looked like and tasted like Kraft macaroni.! It was dry. The chicken was bland no seasoning he gave me all white meat I was not impressed. I did like the jalapeno poppers but that’s it!
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