El Fuego Tacos & Burritos

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Bright counter-serve operation with a Southwestern motif offering typical Mexican bites & horchata.

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Sunday10 AM–10 PM
(Labor Day)
10 AM–10 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday10 AM–10 PM
Wednesday10 AM–10 PM
Thursday10 AM–10 PM
Friday10 AM–11 PM
Saturday10 AM–11 PM

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Address: 132 S Randall Rd, Algonquin, IL 60102

Phone: (224) 678-9200




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El Fuego Tacos & Burritos

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Shaun Kostic
I am very dissatisfied. I like that they are a quick deliver w Uber eats but the food quality has gone down. Pic below is I guess is a burrito. Gross. Tortilla needs to be seared. Terrible, goes to show when a place gets some good reviews they feels it’s ok to deliver poor food. Look at this burrito it’s disgusting. Be better El Fuego.
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Fernando Diaz
Terrible. The rice is clearly burned and they mixed in newer rice to hide it. You can taste that it’s been over cooked. Photos don’t lie either. The beans are discolored and taste spoiled. I’m Hispanic and have burned rice and know what spoiled beans taste like. Is there no taste test done as a quality check? Or do they put bad items in take out orders since most folks don’t check or taste before getting back in their cars. Disgusting. Appalled they did this.
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This place is HORRIBLE! The staff is disrespectful as I had a pick up order and they forgot my toppings. The lady that picked up the phone yelled at me like its my fault and she cursed me. Then i went back to pick up the toppings she disappeared.
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Mar Sol
We have been ordering burritos for years now. First it was very inexpensive and now we have noticed that the food is on the pricey side and you don’t get as much. We usually order the grande burrito dinner and seems like it is no longer a the grande just a regular. It is more of a grab and go Mexican place but their prices increased significantly and you might as well enjoy a nice Mexican restaurant where you can sit and enjoy dinner/ lunch.
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Saiesha GRN
This was my first visit here. Super friendly & courteous staff members. The food was served cold (Mexican rice) which was definitely a disappointment.
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Food is great, however PICK UP service is straight trash. I did not tip due me picking up an order for a customer and it was HER debit card (Although tipping has gotten out of hand since COVID). I can tell the change in demeanor from the cashier when she saw no tip. I asked for habanero sauce and she said there was NONE, although I can see it in the fridge where it was kept (Not in the bowl she went to, this wasn’t the first time I requested, this sauce is refrigerated). She proceeded to trash talk to another employee who eyeballed me out the door into my car. Listen here, you are paid an hourly wage, me picking up my order does not entitle you to a TIP neither should I be treated like trash for not providing one with a Debit Card that wasn’t mine. Shame, screw this place, the food is nice but the service is straight trash. Cucaracha old lookin @ss cashier. This was at approximately around 8:50- 9:00 pm, order was for M.P. Last order ever. Peace.
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Maria Tinoco
I am always skeptical of trying Mexican food places because they always disappoint, this place was no exception. The customer service is pretty bad, you don’t even get greeted, just a kind of can-you-hurry up and order kind of attitude. The food was pretty pricey and it wasn’t very good. The asada lacked a lot of flavor, seasoning idk some love. The huarache I had tasted like it was the frozen kind in a bag. The place was clean, but it was just not welcoming. Sadly I will not return or recommend to friends, family or colleagues. On with the search of exceptional Mexican cuisine in my area.
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Caitlin Conlon
Not a day goes by that I don’t think about this place. Best Mexican food in the area by far and they even have a rewards program now. I’m sure my friends and I are in the top percent. The people there are so sweet and I look forward to seeing ceecee every time. Happy this place is around 🙂 if you haven’t gone, go!
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sherry wilk
Ordered $60 in food that sucked and when I called was told it was Door Dashes fault! Nothing to do with temp, it was the quality and lack there of. Do not waste your time here. Food is hit or miss and they treat you like you’re stupid.
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Michael Garcia
Good king size burrito for the price! They don’t put beans or rice in their burritos, but I wish they did. The el Pastor (pork) was better than the Asada (steak). The steak tasted like it was seasoned with salt and pepper instead of a Mexican seasoning so it didn’t have the authentic flavor I was looking for. But, the red and the green salsas are fantastic!!
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