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Long-running chain serving signature breakfast items & a variety of coffee drinks.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No delivery Dunkin' 81052


Saturday5 AM–6 PM
Sunday5 AM–6 PM
(Labor Day)
5 AM–6 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday5 AM–6 PM
Wednesday5 AM–6 PM
Thursday5 AM–6 PM
Friday5 AM–6 PM

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Address: 708 N Main St, Lamar, CO 81052

Phone: (719) 336-2573



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America’s favorite all-day, everyday stop for coffee, espresso, breakfast sandwiches and donuts…. 708 N Main St, Lamar, CO 81052.

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This is a great choice to stop buy to fuel up, use clean restrooms and have a good coffee and decent fast food. Cold brew was strong and fresh, croissant sandwiche was delicious, donuts are always fresh. This location has plenty of tumbler cups available, staff was very friendly and definitely aimed to provide actual customer service. I would mark this as a definite stop emongst others nearby.
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Micah Dillon
My experiences here have been hit or miss. The staff is friendly but they seem very disorganized. I used to go inside to order but have opted to start using the drive thru because of a few occasions where my order was completely forgotten and I waited a decent amount of time for someone to finally notice. Drinks are great and my son loves the breakfast sandwich but sometimes they’re thrown together pretty poorly. I continue to stop here because the food and coffee are genuinely good. I think the staff just needs some organization and more leadership.
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Patrick Brown
I ordered a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. Got in the truck and started driving when I bit into the sandwich and couldn’t get through the wax paper on the cheese slice. Very annoying while trying to drive.
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Paul Marmora
No Boston cream doughnuts? Really? I’ve never seen a DD without them, it’s 7am so I know you didn’t run out, if this happened in the NorthEast they would burn the store down…
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this is a pilot now. i bought some dougnuts they were not bad. but I also pay for a pilot pizza two slices for 5 bucks. when I check the pizza. they were raw you couldn’t tell if there was 2 slices because the melted together in a raw bunch of stuff that look disgusting. so I went to the manager Aban something long hair pigtail guy. he address me incorrectly as a customer who’s literally complaining for a bad service. I said the pizza is bad can I have my money back he look at it and said. I’m only gonna give you half because you are the other half. he accuses me in front of employees and other customers of faking a bad product to take advantage. so I had to open the pizza box and show him that both slices got melted together in a raw mass you couldn’t tell if there was one or two. so we had an argument were I stated I didn’t want the money back just a polite answer and maybe a solution. but now I was gonna complain with pictures. i went out and went back inside to ask for the receipt of my purchase. he was already there having a chat with the guy from dunking donuts when I ask for the receipt. he said oh you can get a refund now if you like ‍♂️
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Ashley B
Cleanest dunkin I’ve ever seen. Real friendly folks in here, lots of fresh donuts were available even at 5pm
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Jacob Peterson
Has gotten much better since I’ve moved here. Prices are a little higher than when I first went here, but inflation been an issue everywhere. They started accepting gift cards and the app, and service has been much quicker.
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Sarah J
Clean place, good customer service and great coffee ☕️
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David Bloxham
6/14 update: so, I ordered a breakfast sandwich. dry as a bone. please offer condiments (mayo, mustard, etc).
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