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This Virginia Beach Domino’s has a wide food selection including pizza, chicken, salads, pasta and more for delivery, carryout or curbside pickup with Domino’s Carside Delivery. Browse our menu, find local coupons or check the status of your lunch, dinner or late night order.

Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.

✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery Domino's Pizza 23454



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Address: 1575 Mill Dam Rd Ste 104, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone: (757) 496-5490


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Excellent service, very friendly courier (Cole if I’m not wrong) and very pleased by the free pizza surprise! The pizza was still warm and delicious. Unfortunately my little daughters found the sauce a little bit spicey despite the fact it wasn’t mentioned anywhere.
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Mike D
This place is absolutely amazing. The pizza was delicious and prepared perfectly. The staff was friendly and eager to please. The customer service is amazing. They actually have a place to eat inside. I haven’t eaten i side a Dominos since the 90s. Absolutely love this place.
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Stephanie Phelps
We order from the store all the time the pizzas are always great the service is always great however we have not received our $3 carry-out tip the last two times we’ve ordered that’s the only thing that’s keeping you from five stars so catch us up I’ll change my review five stars that’d be great my email is on file
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Connie Wilkins
The pizza is always good but they are very slow. Like 2-2 1/2 hours. This has happened 3 times. The last time they emailed that they gave me a free pizza, however I tried to order it and they kept charging me. They will not answer the phone.
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Toya Foster
This pizza was so delicious! Delivery was quick fast and convenient!
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Order tonight was super hot in temperature, put together to actually look like the promotion photos. Everything was great. Thank you to our very local Domino’s. The sandwich was better than three restaurants located in the same shopping center.
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Tawanna Moore
The pizza was great and fresh. We stopped by to order and pay for it on our way back to the hotel that we were staying at. I had to make an extra stop and the delivery driver got to the room before we did. He called me and waited at the room while we parked the car. I thought that was super nice! Thank you for great customer service.
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Brenda Dewan
Domino’s at Mill Dam Rd, Virginia Beach, VA has once again sent me the best pizza. Not only are their deliveries fast, but their drivers are always extremely personable. Great job, Domino’s…
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ingrid laine
The Manager and staff are amazing. I order for our company and kids at least twice a week. Love them so much!
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Frank Page
Not a good experience this time – I ordered online for carryout as I have many times before and I didn’t see anything about their new contactless way of picking up a pizza. No problem as signs were posted on the glass front of the store explaining that I needed to call. So I did and spoke to Diego (I could see him through the plate glass windows and he identified himself when he picked up). I explained that I was out front and I was early because I wanted to get him to put the pizza back in the oven for a minute or so when it came out, as I like my pizza crispy (That is how I’ve always done it, and I’ve never had a problem before). He said okay, and I began to wait. The Domino’s pizza tracker showed my order was ready by the time it was supposed to be, but no one came out to put my pizza on the table in front of the store. After another 10 minutes of waiting, I called the store back and a driver answered. At first he told me that the pizza had been ready for about 5 minute and when I told him that I had been outside waiting for 20 minutes, he got a little flustered and went to get Diego who wouldn’t even go to the phone himself. The driver brought out the pizza (he didn’t even apologize – I had to ask for an apology) and he said that Diego must have forgotten about me and that they could remake the pizza in 10 minutes or so. That would have put me at 30 minutes waiting outside the store and that wasn’t acceptable to me, so I took the pizza home. When I got there, I found that it had pepperoni and pineapple on it, which was what I ordered but it absolutely did not have the double cheese that I ordered, it obviously had not been put back in the oven as I requested and having sat on the counter for I think probably at least 10 minutes, it was basically lukewarm – certainly not the hot cheesy pizza that I was used to and expected from Domino’s. All in all, a very unsatisfactory experience.
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