Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

  3.8 – 487 reviews  $ • Fast food restaurant

Soft-serve ice cream & signature shakes top the menu at this classic burger & fries fast-food chain.

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Address: 920 Meridian Ave E, Milton, WA 98354

Phone: (253) 927-6772

Website: https://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Locator/Detail/?localechange=1&store-id=6135&y_source=1_ODk5NTE5MC03MTUtbG9jYXRpb24ud2Vic2l0ZQ%3D%3D

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Wish I could give this place 0 stars. I went and ordered some small ice cream cups. I asked for no lids please at the very end. First of all you can’t hear the people talking and they can’t hear you, because the dang speaker is right by the busy street. Anyway, i heard the worker say something about a cone, and I said, “cups please, no lids” she still didn’t hear me. I said again, “I just want no lids on the cups please.” Then she started basically yelling with an attitude. She said, “yeah I didn’t hear you order cups, you weren’t talking loud enough. If you wanted cups…” Not today devil. I rolled up my window and drove off. We used to go here all the time. Guess we’ll be going to McDonald’s instead and pray their ice cream machine is working. Put someone nicer with more patience at your drive thru window. Terrible. Freaking. Service.
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Crystal Dawn
Yeah when you order for something and pay for it you expect to be able to get what you ordered and paid for. I Ordered something specific to be added to my blizzard, and after being in line for 30 minutes, (which is fine they’re understaffed they say) I open the lid to find the wrong blizzard and it’s completely Frozen solid because they are 30-45 minutes behind on they’re online order estimated time to pick up and apparently make it 30 minutes advance instance to get in a freezer (gross), and they don’t allow you to pick up in front or inside like every other place. So I just call and ask very politely if a staff member can meet me at the door to make the correct item as sitting in line for 45 more minutes is slightly inconvenient. I’m told that they don’t have peanut butter sauce at their location. You don’t have peanut butter sauce? I highly doubt that. And if you dont, why is it available to order on your app and pay for??
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Emerald Heart
For being clearly overworked and severely understaffed, the ice cream was good and if you’re friendly to the staff they’ll be nice back to you. Seems like some people need that reminder these days.
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Brian Babcock
Pretty standard Dairy Queen…I would guessed there would be more toppings in a blizzard that I paid extra for more toppings. Was a little disappointed compared to other DQs.
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Margaret Hoang
Love this DQ… been going here for eons. Food & ice cream is always delicious. They do need to remodel their drive-thru, though – they need at least one more lane and a way to exit the line in case of emergency.
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J. Fetch
Usually this place is ok. You get pretty good food that you can’t generally get in other places. This time, however, they gave us a hamburger with everything on it but the burger. On the plus side, what they gave us tastes pretty good, and I’ve been meaning to lose weight anyway.
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They’re one of the slowest fast food restaurants I know. But the staff are nice. And they actually have BBQ chicken strips.
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Justin Watts
Multiple times we’ve been told that Edgemont has contacted DQ that the music program was sending kids & parents to DQ for ice cream & they don’t have the dining room open. It’s been a tradition since I was in junior high. It brings in a ton of money. Why wouldn’t the manager or owners want to make sure they’re prepared to serve a large influx of families thar want to spend their money at your establishment?
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Lesa Bentley
FYI, if your going to use bagged lettuce, make sure you wash it before putting it on the sandwich! Un-washed bagged lettuce has an awful taste to it and has ruined my burger
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Bradley Payne
What a great burger. The drive thru workers were great at customer service
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