Dairy Queen

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Soft-serve ice cream & signature shakes top the menu at this classic burger & fries fast-food chain.

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Address: 1202 IH 35 S, San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: (512) 392-3551

Website: https://dqtexas.com/?y_source=1_MjkzMzg5MzEtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

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Menu – Texas Dairy Queen

Brownie & OREO® Cookie Cupfection. Dilly® Bar. Non-Dairy Dilly® Bar. DQ® Sandwich Treat. Buster Bar® Treat. Shakes & Malts. Float. Hungr-Buster®.

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Dustin Johnson
Five stars for the service at this store! The inside was closed due to under staffing. The 2 people inside got our order 100 percent right (which was big) and had us our food in under 8 min. Great job guys!
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Mark Cantu
She drive through the young man was very rude to me. Blizzard was not even Frozen brought it to his attention he really didn’t care.Told that’s how they’re made & close the window on me all rude! I dined in three other times in the past same guy same rudeness I won’t be going back!
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I’ve never really had any problems until last night that’s the only reason for 3 stars. They left a huge piece of plastic In my blizzard last night. Definitely through me off. Here’s some pictures.
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David L Bedford
Love the promo for the small ice cream cone which got us here. Too bad on premise dining is STILL not allowed. With all the advertising of “Come celebrate our 75th anniversary with us!” we really expected a return to normal.
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Heather Pucheu
Our burgers were cold, buns were hard and tasted old like they been left out and not covered ! Never going back to this location!
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Jennifer Quihuiz
We #3 and the nacho deluxe meal it was good and fresh.
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The staff were friendly but had some issues hearing our order. Had to repeat it a couple times. Can’t speak to the food at this location as we just got ice cream. I got a cookie dough blizzard with snickers “added”. It was mostly vanilla ice cream. Had some cookie dough mixed in (pretty skimpy amt) but didn’t get a bite of snickers until the very bottom and then it was a small piece in 1 bite. I guess enough to say they added it and justify charging me for it? Or maybe it got in by accident. I think I’ll stick to Marble Slab for the ice cream.
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Samuell Price
This location was nice. The store looked nice and was easy to access. Menu was easy to read. My kids loved the food. The hunger buster with cheese and grilled chicken sandwiches were great. The fries were fresh and per salt. Food was fresh and prepared when ordered.
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Marcus Moncada
Awesome, haven’t been to dq in so long it was great
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greg mendoza
I was giving this Dairy Queen another try from a previous visit, but was disappointed again. I don’t understand why I’m told that their fries are never staged, that they are made to order, but they ways taste stale and are soggy. And my Dr. Pepper is always flat there too. At least my Belt Buster was pretty good. But for $10 for a combo, there’s definitely room for improvement.
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