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Friday10 AM–7 PM
Saturday10 AM–7 PM
(Labor Day)
Tuesday10 AM–7 PM
Wednesday10 AM–7 PM
Thursday10 AM–7 PM

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Address: 4442 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043

Phone: (323) 815-9910


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Crustees eatery is a prime quick service restaurant servicing the greater Los Angeles area. From the delicious chicken pot pie & our amazing turkey chili to …

Our Story – CRUSTEES

Crustees eatery is a prime quick service restaurant & bakery servicing the greater Los Angeles area. From the delicious chicken pot pie & our amazing turkey …


Menu ; 8.99. 5″ PIES · Peach Cobbler. Mixed Berry Cookie Cobbler. Apple Pie. Cherry Pie ; 9.49. 5″ PIES W/PECAN CRISP · Peach Crisp. Apple Crisp. Cherry Crisp ; 7.99.



Lay Fiery
Didn’t dine-in. Order online just cause always looking for a different flavorful taste. Seen that they sold chicken pot pie so, I decided to order one .Let me tell you, on the menu was the flavored curry chicken pie Got that and some bean chili. Why the pie cream was dry and the mixed vegetables come from the frozen section at the grocery store . With crust that was rocked cooked. Just another SMH !!! The chili was alrighty thou.
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Keesha Ford
While I didn’t care much for the chicken pot pie, I loved their chili!! Service was welcoming- the ladies inside were very nice and the store was very clean!
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Delaina Martinez
could not figure out if I could park out front!! Delicious waternwith lemon available while you wait. Food was fantastico. Will be back.
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Sandrina Rosinha Avila
This spot came highly recommended by a close friend, and it did not disappoint. The staff is welcoming and kind. The restaurant is tiny, but clean and cheerful.
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maxine franklin
The crust truly is flaky, tender, and buttery tasting. I purchased 4 pies (mixed berry, pecan sweet potato, cherry, apple crisp). The cherry was a tad sweet for my taste but everything was delicious. Be prepared to spend approximately $10/pie w/tax. I will return again and again. So nice to have such a “sweet” spot in the neighborhood. Keep up the good work Crustees!
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Pamela Ross
This is a beautiful, welcoming space. I tried their signature chicken pot pie and banana pudding. So delicious! Bringing all the comfort of home! Loved it!
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Alexandra H.
Omgosh! The chicken pot pie is amazing! I have never liked pot pies, but this place has completely changed my mind. The crust is so flaky and delicious.
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okay please stop playing yourself and go try the chili from here!!!!!!!! and oh, the cornbread????? STOP!!!!! IT’S SO GOOD!!!!! i do miss the lil chicken stamp they used to put on the chicken pot pies lol but everything i’ve ever had from them was ridiculously bawm. they hooked me up with free cornbread for making a big order and i love them for that!!!!!! cus did i mention that the cornbread is SO good!!!!!!????? try them and tell me im wrong. i’ll fight u.
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Shean V
Omg this place is a muuuuust ! Got the chicken pot pie , fenomenal! The banana pudding , so flavor full and the wafer made a perfect inside crust lol. The chili reminded me of my mothers chili with a little heat kick and it was like home. Will go back. And the pot pie the next day is scrumptious lol.
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Jon Gjengset
Had the Chicken Pot Pie, and it was delicious. Not American sized, which is a good thing. Chili was also very good.
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