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Address: 1137 W St Georges Ave, Linden, NJ 07036

Phone: (908) 718-5028


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Craven BBQ | The Best Portuguese BBQ in New Jersey

Serving Flavorful BBQ specialties with recipes from Portugal and more. Craven BBQ brings the traditional recipes of Portuguese cuisine to New Jersey …

Menu – Cranford NJ – Craven BBQ

Menu – Cranford NJ. Enjoy a great meal with our amazing dishes. ORDER ONLINE. Address: 22 Eastman St. Cranford, NJ 07016. Phone Numbers.

Menu – Linden NJ – Craven BBQ

Menu – Linden NJ. Enjoy a great meal with our amazing dishes. ORDER ONLINE. Address: 1137 W St Georges Ave, Linden NJ 07036. Phone Numbers.


Reggie Susan Gomez
Embarrassing to say that this is not what we expected. We paid 60+ for this food. Rice was so hard (undercooked). Picadiñhos had no flavor and was not what we are used to eating. We ordered this food for my family that came to visit us, it was one of the worst food we have tried. We ended up throwing the food away. We ended up ordering kennedy fried chicken. What a waste of money. We have ordered chicken from them when they just opened and was not good at all. We thought maybe bbq chicken is not their specialty. But again we were very dissapointed. I will never be ordering from this place again..60+ down the drain! and had to spend another 50 dollars to feed my family. So embarrassing!! So frustrated!!
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Steven M. Martins
The food was amazing best bbq In linden New Jersey. Ribs are like a melt in your mouth. 10 out of 5 food. customer service was amazing
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First and last time here. Customer service was good! I Ordered BBQ chicken with rice, also ordered a side of wings. Rice was undercooked and salty. BBQ Chicken didn’t have any BBQ flavor on it, it was dry and flavorless. The wings was not tasty at all and was extremely salty. I do Not recommend this place. I think they need a better chef. Go at your own risk.
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Twinsie Army!!
The service was extremely pleasant! The food had a perfect mix of seasoning. We ordered The ribs and chicken combo and it hit the spot! It was our first time at Craven’s but it was definitely memorable, will for sure be coming back! Shout out to Danny, he was very friendly and helpful.
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Juan Ayala
I ordered a chicken sandwich. I’ve tried a lot of Portuguese bbqs and this one is one of the better ones I’ve dined at. Service was great. Counter girl a real charm. Sandwich was up to par (you would be surprised how many places get it terribly wrong). And my sides of fries and veggies were prepared perfectly. Would try it out again
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Absolute perfection whether it’s the Cranford location or the Linden location. These Portuguese Nachos are to die for and if you have any special requests they ill follow it. Legit mouth watering! Can’t get enough of this place!
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Derek Duncan
Amazing food, amazing staff, 7 out of 5 Starz! If I’m ever back in the area will definitely stop here again. Portions were great especially for the price. The place has a great rustic appeal. Could use a better drink selection but not necessarily lacking either.
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Travis Taylor-Miller
I went last night and order food asked for garlic shrimp and they gave me chicken and the sauce didn’t even taste like garlic. I also got BBQ combo and it was no barbecue sauce on the ribs was very dry was very disappointed. I waited for my food for 20 mins to get the wrong thing and for it to not to be season right and some sauce that was terrible for $50 only thing that was good was the desserts will never go back kept calling after I order and realize they closed at 9 and it was 8:55 so no answer.
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Alberto Soberon
This place is amazing! The attention to the customer and the food was superb. def recommend this place if you’re in the area.
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Rose Barto
Forgot how bad it was the last time! Told me 50 min for delivery…was two hours for steak and two sandwiches and half rack ribs..all food was terrible..ordered shell steak MR came MW AND HAD GREEN/blue coloring along the side..rice about raw..text said food is ready came over 25 minutes later and I’m less than five minutes away..called to complain and sent pics of food and instead of apologizing just made excuses…as far as I’m concerned the good reviews are fake..through out the food and the menu!
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