Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

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Sunday10:45 AM–10 PM
(Labor Day)
10:45 AM–10 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday10:45 AM–10 PM
Wednesday10:45 AM–10 PM
Thursday10:45 AM–10 PM
Friday10:45 AM–10 PM
Saturday10:45 AM–10 PM

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Address: 2400 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Phone: (773) 770-4448


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Elnaz Alimi
A tribble experience with this Chipotle last night. Will never try it again! Two missing items (black bean and chicken), very small portion and horrible presentation. We wouldn’t have spent a penny for the food if we knew that our order is going to be like that. Very disappointing!
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Tanner Bowman
The staff seems completely overwhelmed and unhappy here, and I suspect that it’s because there are not enough employees working at this location… today there was one employee running both the line and working the register and one cook… that is completely unacceptable for their sake… because of the shortage of staff here, they are almost always out of fajita veggies and most of the time they are out of one meat choice… the tables are not cleaned regularly enough either… the trash cans are almost always at their limit… this location is a mess and severely need upper management to step in and help get these workers the support they deserve. This review is for the management at this location, because it is clear that the staff is doing their best despite the poor leadership at this location.
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Almina S
This is hands down the worst chipotle I have ever been to. The workers here are clueless, I ordered 2 bowls and instead of replacing the sour cream because they were out she spent minutes standing there and scraping the container clean. I didn’t say anything because I just wanted to be out of there. They also didn’t have lids so they wrapped our bowls up in foil… and she forgot to give me my drink. Will never be going here again. The only reason this place is still open is due to the location and being right next to DePaul.
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Mackenzie K
This location is not the one to go to. I would honestly suggest going to the one on W Diversey pkwy or any other closer location. I mistakenly made an online order at this location and was once again disappointed with some missing ingredients and especially the sad portion size. The portion size is less than what a regular order with no extras would be. I just finished my meal and I’m still hungry ): This issue occurs pretty much every time I order here. I rarely ever complain about anything, but please don’t go to this location.
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Tamanna Phadke
This is the worst Chipotle I have ever been to. Every time I have gone in the past 6 months (I’ve probably gone ~5 times now), they didn’t have fajita veggies. I thought it was because they ran out, but once I went at 1pm and they were already out and refused to make more. A few times they were out of guac too. As a vegetarian, I rely on both those ingredients to give my bowl some substance, but when they don’t have these ingredients, I am forced to pay more and get the sofritas (which I don’t even like that much). I also have to pay extra to get a bit of the spicy salsa on the side instead of in my bowl (which I do because it is far too spicy and I don’t trust another person’s portion size judgement). I have never had to pay extra for that at any other location. Everyone in the area – stay away from this Chipotle and just go to the one on Diversey instead.
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Campbell Conway
By far the worst Chipotle in the city. Stood in line for 27 minutes and there were only 4 people ahead of me and maybe 2 online orders. Not to mention, the bowl was nearly inedible. Save yourself the time and walk to a different location
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Tucker Taylor
This is the most revolting Chipotle location I’ve ever visited. Anywhere.
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Not properly set up to receive online orders. Had to wait forever watching the line cook prepare 5 online orders right in front of my face before he could take mine. Some locations have a separate station solely to prepare online orders. If the space does not allow the opportunity to have that separate station it should not be accepting online orders.
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Billy O’Donnell
I have ordered here multiple times. The difference in food quality from any other chipotle I’ve been to is shocking. It’s a shame because its such a prime location. Figure it out!
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Seyfi Mustafayev
I got a salad bowl. And it was disgusting. They use old spoiled salad. I had to separate spoiled and yellow salad leaves while eating. I was so digusted I couldn’t eat my meal. Unfortunately, it’s not just this chipotle but a lot of them do not serve a fresh and clean salad. I attached the photo picture
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