Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

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Saturday10:45 AM–11 PM
Sunday10:45 AM–11 PM
(Labor Day)
10:45 AM–11 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday10:45 AM–11 PM
Wednesday10:45 AM–11 PM
Thursday10:45 AM–11 PM
Friday10:45 AM–11 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 3317 Daniels Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Phone: (407) 654-4415


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This place is filthy, with a line wrapped around the door. The quality of service is awesome. Took me almost 10 minutes to get my food paid for because the card reader was malfunctioning. Nasty
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Alex Koslov
It was time for me to leave a review. My wife has been disappointed time and time again about her bowls she gets. We have never gone through the line but when we do mobile order her bowls are always half full. With the rising prices I would atleast hope to still get a properly filled bowl. Not sure if we will return to this Chipotle.
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that guy
Place was an absolute nightmare! My acquaintances and I came here at about 7 o’clock on Saturday night. First off, the line was very long. We also noticed that there were about 15 people waiting for orders, so they were obviously backed up. When we finally reached an employee, he gave us the rice and beans, then when we asked for chicken he told us there is a wait. 15 for chicken al pastor, 5 for regular chicken. We wanted al pastor, but we decided to wait the 5 minutes for regular chicken. Once the chicken was done, he started assuming what we wanted, so he started putting white rice and chicken in everyone’s bowls even though some people wanted brown rice, and one is a vegetarian. When we finally got our orders we were met by an extremely rude employee at the register. She was rushing us and was visibly annoyed when I asked to scan my app for points. We left the store with a bad taste our mouths.
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Nicole S
I order every other week and it’s hit or miss- I HAVE to put “extra” of whatever I want and even then I may or may not be getting me a full bowl. I guess I have to go to another location to get my moneys worth
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Alex Nguyen
I should give it 1 stars but I won’t knock it all the way down due to the times iv gone and it actually being good. I went today and had the worst experience ever. Normally i’d go and my bowl or burrito would be good, and the chips are typically stale… But this time, My CILANTRO LIME RICE was literally just white rice with salt, No lime, No cilantro. The entire tray of Cilantro Lime Rice they had was literally just really salty white rice with no cilantro in sight. Not to mention, the rice was also really wet which had too much water added to it, and wasn’t mixed properly so some spots that I ate was a mouth full of salt, and some was really bland soggy white rice. Furthermore, my chips was again stale, and finding a clean table was a bit difficult. For $20 ish that I paid for my meal, this chipotle deserves a 2 stars, really a 1 star for how they continue to serve customers food that isn’t to its standards & as advertised, and their continue disregard for simply getting chips right. A nice note of warning when ordering if they are out of something like cilantro lime rice would be nice.
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Greg Ricks
I rarely give reviews especially bad ones but The Chicken Al Pastor was way too spicy at this location like me and my GF could not finish our meal. We had a bowl and tacos. What makes this worse is I had the same order 1 week ago at a different store and it was really really good with a good balance of sweet and sounds l spicy. I shouldn’t have ignored the reviews.
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Do not, under any circumstances, order online. Only order if you are in person watching them make your bowl. Staff is nice, but the place is too busy and they run out of stuff, which the app cannot handle. I ordered two bowls. Both were wrong. The app gave me a free drink. Did not even come close to making up for what I paid.
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Daniel Figueroa
The best tasting food I’ve ever had. And I’ve been in multiple chipotles all my life.
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Tania A
Location has gone downhill… quality is getting worse. Orders have been wrong – not simply missing a topping but adding toppings that make it mostly inedible. I like Chipotle, not sure what’s going on at Winter Garden but I don’t recommend this location at all… it has become a waste of money when orders are wrong. Gave them more than one chance to make it right… set myself up for disappointment I guess. Time to find a better location that still cares about quality and accuracy of their food.
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I guess I got them on a bad day, the person giving orders was just quiet and didn’t say alot, I ordered a bowl right and all i got were little little side cups with all the ingredients. The chipotle branded drinks were all out and the lemonade and sprite were water, and the $3.00 guac that should be free tasted horrible. They’re very inconsistent sometimes the menu is good, sometimes its like this
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