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Founded in 1975 in Dallas, Texas, our heritage continues to be a key part of who we are and how we serve our Guests. We take great pride in our purpose of connecting with and serving our Guests and giving back to the communities in which we call home. We are known for our bold flavors and expertise in Burgers, Ribs, Fajitas and Margaritas; as a technology pioneer leading the industry in the creation of the digital Guest experience; and, as a company that puts our people first and fosters a culture of family that makes every ChiliHead feel special. Dine-in, curbside or delivery.

Family-friendly chain serving classic Tex-Mex & American fare in a Southwestern-style setting.

Service Options:  Dine-in · Curbside pickup · Delivery

Health and Safety:  Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · 


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Address: 2181 US Hwy 70 SE, Hickory, NC 28602

Phone: (828) 328-8447



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Visit Chili’s Grill & Bar Hickory today! Located at 2181 US Hwy 70 SE, Hickory, NC 28602, dine in or order online to enjoy the latest fresh mex near you.

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Skillet Queso. Original with beef. · White Spinach Queso. With pico, guacamole, cilantro. · Fresh Guacamole. Served with warm corn tostada chips & fresh salsa.

Reviews & Complaints

Chris Slane
Overall everything was good. The service started out great, but started slipping towards the middle, but got better @ the end. I ordered my burger medium rare, and they cooked it correctly. The mayo they use on it is a kind of spicy mayo, or @ least to me it was, but the while thing together had great flavor. The bacon was pretty crispy too, so that was nice, you get bacon in every bite instead of only on the 1st bite. We did the 2 for $25 with the “Just bacon burger” and “chicken tenders”. Everything was well prepared and flavorful. One of the sauces was a sweet and spicy honey sauce, it has a very nice flavor. We were there around 3:00 on Monday afternoon and the place was fairly busy, so that’s a good indicator that it’s a good place to eat. Give it a try, you shouldn’t be disappointed .
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Chad Treadaway
Great service from an overworked and under appreciated staff. These reviews are ridiculous. Everyone is under staffed. If you’re too sorry to fix your own food then be grateful to the staff who has probably worked everyday for weeks due to nobody else to cover shifts. They work themselves to death to provide food to whiney people that can’t wait an extra 15min for their food. Our food has always been great and the staff at this location has always tried to be 5 star despite being yelled at all day long. And the reason that phone is hard to get through is because the food is great and half of hickory is too sorry to cook. So they’re constantly ordering to go orders. Be grateful and respectful to a staff that is trying their best despite a short staff.
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Charlett Allen
Most of the food was good. My rice was way undercooked and still crunchy. They were very nice and remove from my bill. The steak, chicken and soup were very good.
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Donald Williams
Wait time long. Only have of the restaurant was being utilized. Saw and heard people come in the restaurant and they would have to wait 1 hour before a table would become open. Most people left and went somewhere else. Ordered the chili and Caesars salad. Portions were small kind of like what you would feed a child. I paid $18 dollars and that includes the $5 dollar tip for the waitress who had a beautiful smile and was friendly. You do the math if that sounds like a good deal for you then go there if not then go somewhere else. For me, I can do better at home. These chain restaurants are there for the profit margins not to be the best thing in town everyday for the customers.
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Effin & Jeffin
Is there a wait? Of course there’s a wait! Getting the app might make it a shorter wait maybe it won’t. The app glitch on getting in line is not good!Once in, you are treated well. Servers are very nice. Food is good but temperature warmer would be better. Nice selection of food and adult beverages.
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Kaleb Isaacs
Our server Alyssa was amazing! My only concern is that our server was too overworked to be as new as she was. Nevertheless she performed with amazing customer service and tended to our needs very well. Me and my wife will definitely be back because of the service alone. Also the food was amazing!
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calvin rogers
The chef wasn’t chef’n it at all!I ordered salmon, rice, & asparagusmy sides were not thoroughly cooked, rice served cold, in fact the asparagus was damn near raw!Sent sides back to be cooked againStill was not fully satisfied with the efforts!Just haven’t had the best experiences at this location. I gave this place one to many tries &I thought it was just my luck the last two timesbut I’m convinced it’s just this location that simply don’t have it together! I will seek another cool & convenient location or place to have my dinner whenever I’m in town. Best wishes!
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Natasha Allen
Our server was on her first day on the floor by herself, but was exceptional. However, our food was not all the best. I ordered the Cajun Chicken Pasta and it was cold oh, my husband ordered Chicken Crispers and one of them were tough. We got the two for 25 deal and our appetizer hit our table after our food. We ordered IBC root beer and was not informed nor was it on the menu that it was a single bottle at $3.19 per bottle. Apparently the servers cannot run their own food which makes none of our experience our servers fault. This is solely on the manager that my review is as bad as it is. Again I will dote on our server because she was remarkable and very attentive
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Patty Throneburg
Food and service was great! Only drawback was we barely got started eating our salads when our entrees came. Fast, yes, but maybe give time to eat 1st course before bringing the next. Food was scrumptious
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CuTiE yAaJ
Had a good time. Food was good, and service there was great!
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