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As conditions and regulations about coronavirus evolve and differ across the country, availability of dining options like curbside or full dining room seating will vary by restaurant. What remains unchanged is our commitment to safety and high operating standards, and we are continually adjusting our operations to help protect our Operators, Team Members and Guests.

Fast-food chain serving chicken sandwiches & nuggets along with salads & sides.

✔️ Delivery ✔️ No dine-in ✔️ No takeout Chick-fil-A 35212


Thursday5 AM–7 PM
Friday5 AM–7 PM
Saturday5 AM–7 PM
(Labor Day)
5 AM–7 PM
Holiday hours
Tuesday5 AM–7 PM
Wednesday5 AM–7 PM

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Address: 5900 Messer Airport Hwy Suite #0034, Birmingham, AL 35212

Phone: (205) 592-4362


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Julie Nicole Pless
As a former CFA employee, I hate to say but this was the WORST experience I’ve ever had. Employees looked angry and treated guests poorly. Personally, I waited 20 minutes for my order of 2 large fries. Many people in line reported having been waiting for over half an hour. Multiple orders were incorrect. Some guests left without food in order to make it to their flights on time. The restaurant was poorly stocked (missing cookies for cnc shakes, whipped cream, and cherries). The counters and floors were disgusting, covered with trash and splattered ice cream from blending the shakes. I’m very disappointed in the quality and representation of a great food chain. Do better.
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Terena Belitz
Like most, this Chick-fil-A has great customer service, and delicious hot fresh food! Airport location doesn’t change the quality! They get through the line quickly – definitely worth the short wait!
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Gisele Terres
This chick fil a was horrible I ordered after the 20 minute wait on the long line. I ordered 2 things and they forgot about my order so I didn’t get it till 20 minutes later! So I missed my flight since it left early! I missed it around by 5 minutes! This service was also very bad since the workers were very rude and barely could take my order! Don’t recommend this location!
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Catarina Smith
I’m the biggest fan of chick fil a, however, paying $14 for a meal that is wrong. The workers were not kind and I felt like they really could care less about me. ‍♀️
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Leslee Berreles
Early morning manager is awesome. Great attitude and a sweet smile at 6 am goes a long way!!! And the biscuit was melt in your mouth delicious.
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Chase Tharp
Same as most reviews, disappointed in the quality of this chickfila. Hash browns were hot and fresh but the sandwich was cold and the fruit was looking a bit haggard.. also heard them tell a customer they ran out of napkins at 6am. Feel guilty leaving one star because the lady was polite and the service was fast, but only because the food was staged to speed things up.
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Larry Bounds
3/23/19 – I had to leave without food & without a refund.
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Avi Gonen
I cannot believe the sandwich was so nasty and smelly the fries was dry I will definitely not going to go back to Chick-fil-A
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Cierra Cross
Food was soggy, got a bite before my flight. By the time I arrived at my hotel I have thrown up twice and I think I have food poisoning. Don’t buy here. Update- next morning went to urgent care and it is 100% food poisoning:/ So much for a vacation am I right.
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Stephen Cassady
Probably the most disappointing experience I have had at a chick til a. There were 5 or 6 sandwiches sitting in the bin. I got two of them and the bread was hard-I guess from sitting there so long. I was heading off for my flight so I just left thing as is. I did take off the bottom bread.
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