Balkan Grill

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Carryout-centric Mediterranean joint featuring sandwiches, salads & kebabs, plus pastries

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Address: 5902 N Kings Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303

Phone: (703) 329-3303



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Balkan Grill

Balkan Grill Kebab offers more than 10 delicious European and Mediterranean sandwiches. “There Is Truly Something For Everyone!”.

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Balkan Grill, Alexandria, Virginia. … 5902 N Kings Hwy, Alexandria, VA, United States, Virginia … Now it’s easier to send Balkan Grill a message.

Balkan Restaurant

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. … 8905 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23229, United States … Balkan Restaurant Richmond.


Sandra Henriquez
I stop by there for lunch and omg the food is very delicious. The food that is called musakka I was recommended to get it by their very friendly cashier was great and loved it. I can’t wait to go back there. Very friendly people too. Highly recommended.
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Murad G.
The place is simply amazing. The service is fast and the food is very tasty. I ordered bosnian burger and doner platter. The burger was very juicy and the bread was absolutely fresh and warm. Doner(Gyro) was well sliced and spreaded on the rice so rice gets the doner juice which makes the whole platter increadibly tasty. It was the best around so far. I havent had any kabob near by this tasty. I was very pleased to go there. You should definitely try their exceptional food. Highly recommended.
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Nichelle C.
I really had a craving for baklava today, but sadly this is inedible. It’s $3 per small triangle and it came so soggy, it completely fell apart when I tried to pick it up. It’s as if it were sitting in water. On top of that, there is hardly any filling. Very disappointing
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Marbie Jay
I randomly decided to give this place a try after leaving the nail salon next door and after seeing a good rating I wandered in and picked something off the menu that is similar to other dishes I have had (chicken shish kebab) and patiently waited for my food which took just shy of 15 minutes. The first thing I noticed was how clean everything was, even down to behind the counter and the freezer they keep additional food in. All very neat and orderly. The staff was nice offered me two house made sauces to go along with my food when I asked for sauce but had no idea what to ask for. I was immediately impressed with how neatly the food was packed and surprised to find that my dish and side salad was separately packaged and it was clearly done so to keep the freshness and flavor of the food in mind also cleanliness. The salad was INCREDIBLY fresh and had an amazing flavor. I was surprised assuming it was just a container of fresh veggies and instead a beautifully made salad. The rice and chicken kebab tasted beautiful if you could ever describe a plate of food that way. I love the fact that it tasted fresh and home cooked. A person who is not a foodie like myself might say it tastes “normal” however I know the benefit of food that has a fresh, natural, home cooked taste rather than something over seasoned and overdone in the hopes to over prove how “Mediterranean” it is. The meal I got from here even though so simple made me feel like I was at a quaint restaurant in the Mediterranean and was so simply executed that it was PERFECTION. I am glad to say there isn’t a single morsel of food left and I can’t wait to try more from here in the future!
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Sid Kamath
Amazing people with vibrant and warmth that is unique to Balkan and Mediterranian Culture. Yazid from Cairo, Hasan with his mother from Turkey and others from Turkey and Yogaslavia make this place almost a visit to the countries. The schnitzel, doner kebab, falafel were outstanding. Hummus was buttery, light along with the Turkish tea came on top of our list. Everything is salted lightly unlike the oversalted American fare.. will continue to be on repeat list even if its a little far.
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Karen Wee
I’d never had Cevapcici before but I loved the idea of a “burger” made with little kebabs nestled within a housemade lepinja bread, served with kajmak spread (which made me think of a cheesy mayo), and diced tomatoes and onions. It was amazing! The Lentil Soup was pretty good too but my current favorite lentil soup is from Istanbul Blue Restaurant – Vienna, VA. If you love Borek, the Spinach & Cheese Borek was so large, I had to place it on a dinner plate!
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4 stars for uncooked chicken in grilled chicken sandwich. And sandwich was also too much dry please add some sauce in it. Thank you.
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J Pesos DiNero
I just placed an order on door dash for the Chicken Shish Kabob at $17.50. When I received it, I noticed how small the bag was. The food was meh and it was not worth no $17.50. The portion was small. It should’ve been at a lesser price. By the way, please do not disrespect the chicken by making it dry like sand.
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FASTMO Shipping
Very tasty food and friendly people. I definetily recommend here to anybody. Cevapi and boreks are amazing. They even have homemade baklava and it is the best in town. Unlike other places they make everything in there. I am your regulars now guys.
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Anna Evans
Very disappointed. The bread for the Donner sandwich and schnitzel was inedible. Dry and hard. Also, the schnitzel was overcooked and so dry it was like leather. We ate a little because we were hungry but threw most of it out. I’m not sure what happened to their delicious bread that was so soft and yummy but this was a “never again” place for us. Too many places in DMV to frequent inedible food like this.
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