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Kid-friendly pub chain offering classic fare like burgers, wings & salads in informal surrounds.

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Address: 10 St Laurent St, Nashua, NH 03064

Phone: (603) 883-9998

Website: http://www.99restaurants.com/


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99 Restaurants: Bar Restaurant With Classic Pub Food

A casual bar & restaurant that serves classic pub food at great prices. Dine in at a 99 Restaurant near you, or order online for Curbside Pickup & Delivery.

99 Restaurants – Home – Nashua, New Hampshire – Facebook

Welcome to The Nines. Where it’s Always the Real Deal. 10 St. Laurent Street, Nashua, NH 03064.

99 Restaurants – Home – Salem, New Hampshire – Facebook

Welcome to The Nines. Where it’s Always the Real Deal. 149 South Broadway, Salem, NH 03079.


Jacob Woodfield
Decent location and decent atmosphere, but I made the mistake of ordering a steak. Never order a steak from 99 if you can help it. It was over cooked, chewy and powdery.
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Fallon Alden Kiehl
I don’t usually except high quality when dining at chains, and stopping in tonight was a rare choice for me. I can say, however, that I was pleasantly blown away both by the quality of Taylor’s service and the excellent cooking. My friend and I shared mozzarella moons and Taylor remembered my odd sauce request (ranch). I got the tenders & tips, which were cooked to a perfect medium rare. I was impressed to see the sliver of rare right in the middle! They were perfect. They closed early due to weather but were perfectly polite as we finished our meal and let us talk while they closed down. Overall, I was incredibly impressed and appreciative of having a spectacular meal and service (as someone in the industry as well) on an honestly challenging day. Thank you so much.
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Serge Y
Accidentally drove into this restaurant. In this place, it turned out that there is very tasty food. I advise you to try the Vermont burger and steak. Very nice staff. A very nice place.
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Patti Rogers
Out server Veronica was top notch! Very friendly and detailed oriented. Haven’t been there in a long time but we will be back soon! The boneless chicken wings were do tastes as well.
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Michael Parsons
This was the 99’s last chance with us; we hadn’t been in a while – now I know why. Service was fine amd attentive and the place was clean, but the food was definitely lackluster. We’re done with what used to be a New England staple. Maybe they’re focused more on the bar than the restaurant.
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Nicole Janowicz
Pulled up in a designated to-go order spot waiting 30 minutes, I finally called and was told oh yeah your foods been out, we didn’t know what car because it was a Togo order…
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Joanne Lynch
Although our server was very pleasant and on top of her game, the same can’t be said for the kitchen. Most of the food had little to no flavor – and what you could taste was not good at all. They weren’t crowded, I think they’ve just switched to more “prepared & heat up” meals. I felt awful after taking the family there for my daughter’s 18th birthday
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Jerry Hunsicker
We ordered take out from this 99 and picked it up. There are spaces reserved for pick up orders. The time for pickup was as they said it would it be. When we arrived home to unpack the family meals we bought, everything seemed to be in order. The burgers were cooked how we like them and had cheese. The cheese stuck the bun to the meat so don’t plan on adding condiments to your burger without a complete mess. I understand placing the meat on the bottom bun but the top bun? So, no ketchup or mustard and the lettuce, pickle, and tomato were just throw away. The toppings were placed next to the burger and not on the burger. This allows the cheese to stick to the top bun rendering opening it to be useless. The chicken tenders were good but the fries were soggy. We also ordered the wrap family meal with barbecue chicken. This was pretty good. The side of broccoli was good and so were the mashed potatoes. The flat bread chicken was good also. I would have given 5 stars except the burgers were placed incorrectly and adding condiments and toppings were not an option. I guess you’ll have to dip your burger in ketchup and mustard and no veggies. I would eat here again but ask the cook to change how they place the hamburger meat and leave the bun separated.
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Sandra Gagnon
We were visiting from FL and went to the Nashua 99. Walking down the stairs into the restaurant, we could smell a musty odor. Once inside and seated, the odor was over powering. I have no idea how the people that were in there could actually stay and eat. There were 4 of us and we had to leave. The 3 young ladies at the front desk seemed totally unaware of the smell when we mentioned it. The carpeting is beyond shampoo. Rip that out and put in tile or wood. Never have been in a restaurant that smelled so bad
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Cassie Hunley
Went in at 2pm with my 2 very young kids and boyfriend. We waited at the front counter to be seated for over 5 minutes. After being seated we were very promptly greated by our server Ashley, however this was the only time she was prompt. She brought popcorn and took our drink order. Fast forward to 25 mins later, she hasn’t returned to our table and we could see our drinks sitting at the bar window. Again, 2 VERY young VERY hungry kids. We eventually gave up got up to leave. As we were leaving we were stopped by another waitress who apologized but didn’t offer anything for the neglect as my child is screaming because we’re now leaving without her getting to eat.
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