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Address: 2515 W State St, New Castle, PA 16101

Phone: (724) 654-6888

Website: https://m.facebook.com/yamato16101/

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J Marinelli
First time visit. Curtis was very friendly and helpful. I asked for specific sushi that I enjoy and it was perfectly presented. The additional rolls were nice sized and very fresh and tasty. A good find on my journey in Western PA
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Lovey and I took our great-niece here to eat . Restaurant was very nice and clean. Our waitress was very friendly. We had an appetizer of sushi. I passed on that. I had filet and lobster, lovey have the steak, baby had chicken and noodles. It was incredible how tender the steak was. I think you can’t be pleased if you don’t like the food here. Additionally very reasonable.
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Itz 72k
First time here. Very nice inside. Food was good. Staff was ok. Not personable or too friendly. Food was brought out quick. Will try again.
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Joss Slagle
I have enjoyed wonderful food from Yamato over the last few months but my most recent experience wasn’t great. I ordered for here and to go. I waited patiently for about 30 minutes until the table behind me that walked in after me was served their drinks and food while I was still waiting. I was sitting close enough to the visible preparation station to hear where the mistake was made. My server came out to the table and served the food without so much as a “sorry this is late”. I’d hate to see how this restaurant would fare if completely full. 3 tables total were seated when I came in.
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Becca Shingler
Im going to give this place the benefit of the doubt. My experience wasn’t great, but I have heard very positive things about them. My chicken was dry, sushi rolls fell apart very easily.
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Joshua Cole
Delicious, big portions. Friendly staff. I would love here if that option was on the menu. Spend your money here. They’re awesome.
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Rhonny Dam
Took me way too long to try this place! It is so good! Nice atmosphere, pleasant staff, and really yummy sushi. We usually drive about an hour for sushi so I am glad to have finally found out how good Yamoto is. It’s definitely my new go-to and I will get there a lot. Reasonable and easy to get to. Wish I had been enjoying it all this time.
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Logan Scheall
The food was very good. My steak was very tender and the chicken was cooked perfectly. The sushi was pretty good as well. Overall, I had a great experience here and would recommend it to people who enjoy some simple but delicious food
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Jimmy Trott
Was told the order was $99.11 sent wife there with 100$ bill… They begin to tell her that the total was 103.78 and they didn’t accept Apple Pay… They literally took the entire order in the back room to remove a side order of mushrooms for 3 dollars when the person on the phone messed the total up… ordered 2 specialty rolls and 2 regular sushi rolls and got no wasabi or ginger at all. Not to mention how very petty it was to dig through it to go order over $3 because of some child with terrible work ethics mistake…. Customer service should have been like oh my mistake I told you a total it was my mistake…
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Bella Roberts
The food is hands down amazing, but unfortunately a specific staff member ruined our experience this time around. They consistently brushed us off and sat by the to-go area on their phone complaining (loudly) about having three tables an hour to close. We were never checked on, and felt rushed due to the complaints.
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