Wesley’s Tavern

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Wesley's Tavern 28602

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Address: 1095 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd SE, Hickory, NC 28602

Phone: (828) 838-1149


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Clint erwin
We wanted to give Wesley a shot with the new place. The atmosphere is very bland to start off with. We ordered the chips for an appetizer and was notified that some new were being made as they were fresh made there. The chips came out fresh after 45 minutes with half burnt. The amount of chips you get come from one potato, definitely not worth the $5.99. I ordered wings and my wife the burger. The wings helped bump the review from one to two stars. They are decent wings with good homemade ranch. The burger looked like the microwave burgers you would get at a gas station. The chili nor the burger had any flavor and the bun was crispy. A well done burger was burnt with black char. Some of the wait staff seemed to care, others not so much.
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Chris Schrier
My wife, son, and I had lunch as Wesley’s Tavern on their fifth day of business. The staff was extremely nice and I really hope things improve.
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Darla Blevins
The wait for our food was entirely to long. We had to ask for eating utensils and wait another 10 minutes for that. The wait staff is to scattered and not very attentive. The food, well the fries were too greasy and didn’t taste good. I had a blt, which shouldn’t take too long to prepare but did, the bacon was real fatty and made the whole sandwich taste like bacon grease. I will not be spending another dime there.
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Lee Ashby
Our first time eating here. We had 4 @our table. We were greeted immediately upon entering. We were seated immediately, as well. We were probably about the forth table, so they were not busy. (Sunday after church, most restaurants have a small to medium wait)…server came over to take our drink order…I asked for a new menu, the paper menu I was originally given was stuck together, couldn’t open it. (Strike 1). Orders were taken, I ordered the Ham/pineapple pizza (server endorsed my selection, saying but was an excellent choice, that I would love their pizza). Thirty minutes go by, server returns to the table to inform me that their pizza oven is not working, I would need to order something else. (Strike 2) I then choose the wings and an order of their onion rings, (again the server says great choice, you will love our onion rings!), another 10-15 minutes to by, servers returns to our table to inform our other guest that his calzone wasn’t available, he would have to order something else. He chose a burger….another 10 plus minutes go by, the server returns to inform me they didn’t have onion rings, I woukd have to order something else. (Strike 3) I was like really? Am I on a hidden camera to see my reaction? Seriously? Just give me fries then…another 15 plus minutes go my, one by one our table gets the food ordered…except for me, I was told sorry I was next…the restaurant slowly attracted more guests and I watched as they got their food, while it was a drama fest to get mine. Long story short, typical bar food, no thrills, pricing okay, staff, kitchen, manage was a horrible experience. I will not return. I wish them luck. I never like a local business to fail, however their customer service, ordering their supplies/food, cook, wait time….needs immediate improvement! Manager never came over to thank us or to offer an apology. $56.66 and yes, I did leave the server a $10.00 tip, so enjoy my $66.66 spent, it will not happen again!
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Good concept, Not so good staffing. 12+ servers for a Friday night , half standing in bus area talking and other half struggling to bring out drinks. Cooks seem to be a problem here considering food took 45+ mins and at least 1 person from EVERY table had a mistake. As a food service director myself my advice would be to re-evaluate staff. Less ungrateful servers and more skilled cooks. I was close to offering myself to Volunteer to train cooks/servers to save this business.
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Kalie Black
We came out on a Tuesday afternoon, there was not one guest in the building. We ordered beer which came out in warm bottles. We ordered chips and queso and it tasted as if it were microwaved.
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Adra Kryszczuk
Had lunch today and it was delicious although both burgers were overcooked. The chips served as a side were excellent! It took close to 40 minutes to get our lunch which we found ridiculous and which will probably result in our not returning. I asked for a side of mayo and mustard and the server brought one packet of each. I didn’t think I was at a drive-through establishment; for that, I could go to McDonald’s. I agree with the earlier reviewer in that the staff needs better training. I finally had to chase someone down to take our check. Additionally, I reported an issue in a restroom and sat and waited to see if something was done to handle it – nope.
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Lindsay Satterwhite
Ordered lunch today and got it to-go.
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Dennis Wofford
Ate here this past Sunday. Very attractive and clean restaurant with attentive wait staff. Service time was good for a cooked to order dish. I ate blackened tilapia on mixed rice with seasoned vegetables. Food quality was as good as any 4 or 5 star restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. Will definitely return.
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Crystal Hunsucker
The food is great when it comes, but the service is terrible. Every time we’ve been we have had to wait an average of 45 Minutes on the food. We recently called an order in and they told us it would be 30 to 45 minutes. When my husband got there, they had forgotten to turn it in to the kitchen, so we actually waited over an hour on this food. They discounted it 25%, but there is just no excuse for this. I even called back after the order because I realized they didn’t even ask for my name with it. The quality of the food is the only saving grace.
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