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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

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Address: 801 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (757) 463-5188

Website: https://locations.wendys.com/united-states/va/virginia-beach/801-lynnhaven-parkway?utm_source=Yext&utm_medium=Google_My_Business&utm_campaign=Local_Search&utm_content=EN_US

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Dumuzi Shepherd
Super. Now let’s clean up their drive through window. The interior of the restaurant looks fabulous and their people are on point.. Maybe the manager could spruce up the drive through window. I’m sure it’s tough to get that frame replaced
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Alex G
Our order was correct. There was a bit of a wait in the drive through. The food was pretty good aside from some nuggets that tasted like they’d been through the great depression. The strawberry lemonade wasn’t too sweet or too tart. Overall I wouldn’t mind coming back to this location.
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Derrick Coady
Rarely go to Wendy’s but then again I rarely go to any fast food place.
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Amanda Brelsford
Ordered on uber eats and once again ppl can’t do their jobs!! No BBQ or ranch in the bag!! And everyone wants 20 bucks for min wage!
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Erzsebet Hawthorne
I come here every time for an apple pecan chicken salad– and honestly? It’s a shot in the dark if they actually get the order right. One time, there was no blue cheese. This time? They were out of pecans. Could you actually stock your restaurant, already?
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Martine Beckett
Thus Wendy’s should have way more stars cause every time I eat there the food is hot and fresh!! Majority of the time I don’t have much of a wait time and they’re better than most Wendy’s in Norfolk.
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Lynette West
This time my son went to order. And we went thru drive thru. It was a little better this time. One of the employees seemed as if she was inpatient about everything while a manager was operating everything quite well.
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Sojourner 1958
I ordered a late lunch a the drive-thru yesterday and half joked when I ordered a medium size french fries “only if they are hot and crispy”. Well it took an extra minute or two when the window girl went to get my order and I didn’t think too much about it until I reached and grabbed a french fry. All hot and crispy. What a place gotta love these folks. THANK YOU!!!
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Mcheyl Washington
(10:30pm) WORST WENDYS EVER ! ACTUALLY … WORST FAST FOOD EXPERIENCE PERIOD !!!! They asked me my order over 5x as if they are slow & can’t hear … then when i get more order it was COMPLETELY wrong & food was supper old . Got it back a second time, order still wrong, got it a third time, or was now cold but correct … my lettuce and bread had red spots like they were being lazy & just put a chicken sandwich on a pre made sandwich . they were very rude , everyone seems slow & on drugs . THE WHOLE NIGHT CREW NEEDS TO BE FIRED HONESTLY. The older white women is VERY RUDE ! she gone tell me that i can’t get my sandwich how i want it . lazy
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Big Baby
Food was good, customer service needs improvement on drive thru. All I wanted to do was change the little frosty to medium and pay. One of the female managers cop an attitude when the drive thru guy told her what’s up. She had a fit like im costing her millions. I bought two biggie bags are you serious. Find a better job, you dont need to take it out on customer. I have problems. But i get professional help for that. I feel like im holding up the line, and its only 1 car behind me on this Monday at 1:52pm. 801 Lynnhaven store 5/23/22 #3203 never said or did anything wrong, but place $11. 71 order
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