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Address: 1201 E Julian St, San Jose, CA 95116

Phone: (408) 834-2841


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Vizag Vantillu | South Indian Cuisine | San Jose, CA

Vizag Vantillu Foods offers vegetarian food from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. We cook, deliver, and offer takeout for any meal of the day and provide …

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Vizag Vantillu is an authentic South Indian restaurant located in downtown San Jose. … 1201 East Julian Street, San Jose, CA, United States, California.

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Vizag Vantillu is in San Jose, California. January 21 at 12:11 PM · San Jose, CA ·.


Comfort food though not perfect..
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Deepthi Menon
Homely food, but spice level was bit low for me, expected it to be more by default. Hence didn’t mention in order. The packing was very neat. Might try again ordering with note on spice levels. A friend recommended place this !
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Was browsing through DoorDash to order some South Indian food and stumbled upon this place.
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Anusha Ravilla
My go to home style Andhra restaurant. They don’t use too much oil and the food tastes very good. Love their thali and it is packaged in a very convenient way.
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Srinivas Rajendra
Ate a thali and liked every item. Catered for an event for 60-70 people. Ordered large tray of Onion Pakoda, Paneer butter masala, veg kurma, Okra fry, tomato methi dal, gongura rice, rotis and badam halwa. Everything tasted delicious, 10/10, all the guests loved the food. Good quantity with plenty leftovers for next day meals. Reasonable pricing, offers delivery. Highly recommend to try Vizagvantillu.
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Vasu Nori
Ordered 2 times 1 month apart. 1st time was below expectations. Yesterday was Ugadi specials. I bought 3-4 orders of the specials: Boorelu etc, so I could share them with others. Uniform opinion from everyone I shared this stuff with: Boorelu were not even cooked completely. Garelu didn’t taste/look like gaarelu. Mulakkada pappu awful. Avakaya pulihara pitiful. These guys give bad name to vizag vantalu. In the Bayarea, these guys rank very low on quality, as far as Andhra dishes are concerned.
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Rain Rider
This place is amazing. Flavors and dishes I’ve never had before. The owner, Usha, is fabulous. She worked at Tesla for many years, then left to start this restaurant of food from her home town (Vizag) in Andhra Pradesh, Southeastern India. The food is spicy, so if you like heat you will love this place. Scrumptious!
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This review is for catering purpose only. I personally never ordered from Vizag Vantillu but I have experience eating food from here when our friends ordered for house warming functions. I’m writing this review for two functions.
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Usha Hari
I wanted to try Vizag Vantillu and ordered food. The owner, Usha Gollapudi sent us truly authentic Vizag / Andhra food. We loved Pulihora, Punugulu, Dahi Vada, Boorelu and eggplant curry. She also sent us complimentary plantain (upma kura). My guests enjoyed and since we are all from Vizag, it brought back our memories of our home. I spoke with Usha and got to know her a bit more about her passion for running this restaurant. Try it and you will not be dissapointed. It’s delicious.
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Keerthi Elapavuluru
Excellent Authentic Andhra food.Love all their curries ,sambar,Dahi vada,Pulihora and boorelu. Reminds me of mom’s recipes. They are made so fresh everyday and just like home cooked taste.Quantity they give is great..much larger compared to other restaurants. They last for 2-3 meals large combos.
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