Townhouse Bar and Grill

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 300 W F St, Casper, WY 82601

Phone: (307) 235-2531


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It was surprisingly a hidden gem of Casper Wyoming. The staff were totally amazing. I had a blast at the bar. The bartender was a delight. Bar games, pool, …

Townhouse Bar and Grill – Converse County, Wyoming

300 W F St, Casper, WY 82601, USA | Bar in Converse County, Wyoming.

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Shannon Gerdel
The food and the service were good. Everyone there in our group had a great time.
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Peggy Sue Rubio
It was a first for me. It was surprisingly a hidden gem of Casper Wyoming. The staff were totally amazing. I had a blast at the bar. The bartender was a delight. Bar games, pool, darts, gaming machines. They have a jacuzzi and pool. It was extremely clean and just a breath of fresh air.
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Google User
It’s a motel joint that closes at 2200 for food service, but the bar stays open pretty late and one of the bartenders kept calling me “sugar” which was pretty nice. Couple of pool tables in the room next door, and the music was nice and loud and pretty diverse. Free WiFi just ask the bartender or the motel desk. The special that night was prime rib, but I was too late to try it. I don’t drink either so I just chilled and listened to music all night, socializing with the other guests and patrons.
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Jeff Jones
Think twice before you hand them a credit card they try to get it at all cost, I ordered to go food and she used every excuse she could to get me to put a card on file and when I left there I figured out why they had falsified about 5 previous tips making them much larger, I even paid cash and they took my cash and put it on my card double charging me and of course adding a large tip, they can’t earn a tip so they steal tips, I’m canceling my card because that place is full of shady people, so be careful if you eat there pay cash. And the hotel isn’t much better they gave all of my groups room numbers out to a complete stranger, they have cameras I ask who did it and they won’t even look at the video probably because they gave our info out illegally, that’s another review tho, just be careful at that place the whole place bar and hotel.
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Horrid food and subpar service. We were literally the only group of people in there, it was dead and the service was still slow. Waitress was pleasant, but didn’t seem to acknowledge our dissatisfaction with the food. Everything was really gross except the fries & cheese sticks. The majority of our patty didn’t eat their meals past a few bites. Everyone ran out of their beverages and the waitress never asked if anyone wanted a refill. We all wished we had just gone to Burger King instead.
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Mark Sommer
Had fish and chips on Friday night. Food was good but portions small. Cole slaw came in a Dixie cup and it was not even full. Three pieces of fish but not very big. Not a lot of fries. If price would have been $9.99 it would have seemed fair but price was $12.99. Even a dozen more fries would not seem to cost them much extra but would have made it more filling. I was starving so had to go to McDonald’s afterwards to get a sandwich.
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christine rogers
Great bar, love Nicki is a great bartender! Really friendly people!
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KayCee M
Honestly I use to love this place. Now a days, the service isnt great, the food has gone down hill and the prices for everything is never consistant.
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Jo Wolfe
Another Bar we play Pool in !! Located in The Ramada Inn !! Great Atmosphere and Service !! Also Great Menu !!
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Rick Allbritton Sr.
Awesome!!! Great company excellent all around really nice classy place. I will go back again.
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