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Your local Los Angeles Subway® Restaurant, located at 4949 W. Slauson Ave. brings new bold flavors along with old favorites to satisfied guests every day. We deliver these mouth-watering flavors with our famous Footlongs, 6” sandwiches, wraps and salads. And we offer a variety of ways to order—quick and easy in the app or online, convenient delivery, come into your neighborhood shop for an in-restaurant meal, or pick up curbside. We’re proud to offer a change from same old fast food with fresh cut veggies and toppings with protein choices, fresh-baked bread and let’s not forget cookies! And we’re happy to help you with any catering needs as well.

Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ Delivery Subway 90065



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Address: 4949 W Slauson Ave Suite A-1, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Phone: (323) 299-7991


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Cameron Jones-Miller
Last week we ordered online, picked our food up and we were so disappointed. Our sandwiches were burnt, cheese was missing and they were put together so messily. I reached out to Subway since we ordered online and got the run around for a week with no real resolution or refund. They even replied to me with a different customers name. Complete waste of time and money.
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Reyna U.
I just can believe I had this kind of onions on my sandwich. I used to work at subway and this was absolutely unacceptable, if it happened the onion didn’t come up right we will take them from the sandwich and throw it away, we never served something like that to our customers. Do your job right, please.
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Scam “Scam”
Really bad food so burn steak and cheese melt
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Adrian Cardoso
Incredibly rude staff. Just by listening to their tone and watching body language, we could tell we would not have a good interaction. We ended up leaving before taking our order and the worker sarcastically shouted bye as we left. Not a great feeling. I get you may be overwhelmed due to current circumstances but when the customer has done nothing to you, they deserve to be treated a little better. Very disappointed.
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Alex Arias
The employee at this location was very rude with attitude. She kept rushing and pressuring to finish up my 2 sub sandwiches with no line at all. She didn’t even put enough meatball on the sandwich. I only when to this location because it was the closest but after this incident I won’t be going ever again to this premise. I still have .y receipt and will be calling corporate
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Trinia Munoz
Been going here for some time now usually service is good and the subs have been done good but lately it seems like the staff don’t know how to make a sub or they lost there’s no coordination the subs are all messy. Staff needs more training and to coordinate because those lines are getting pretty huge. The last two times I have gone my sub mayo is all over the paper as if the stuck the paper inside to rap it and over heard other customers complaint about services and the way the staff seems not to know what they doing.
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Lisa Maxine
My sand which was made nice. I ate it inside the store so they didn’t need to wrap it up. The service was very average. When i came in the manager told an employee to go on break nobody greeted me or said please give them a minute while they rotated shifts. but not a problem I patiently waited. I was in no rush. But while i was eating they let people come in and harrasss customers to try to purchased random product. Like I’m trying to eat here…. I’m gonna go to the subway on Jefferson next. . oh and there lobby seating is very small.
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Victor Ortiz
Poor poor service and cleanliness. I’ve never had to give a bad review for subway but this is just unacceptable. Worst subway sandwich I’ve ever had. This makes the name go way down.
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Steven Fausto
My bread was super hard. Besides that I felt like I could have had better service. People shouldn’t come to work with attitudes or maybe that person is not patient with customers.
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louie estrada
Nicole is very efficient! Show appreciation to the staff training new hires.#LOUIEfromDEWEY
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