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Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 9100 N Silverbell Rd, Marana, AZ 85653

Phone: (520) 579-8365


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Tanya Davis
Wow just went to the new one off silverbell and staff needs some more training!! I was the only one there I ordered 2 cake pops drove to the window and asked to add two small waters. Usually I wouldn’t add to my order but again no one was in line inside or out and my two kids asked for water. She seemed annoyed got me the waters then I asked for straws and she rolled her eyes. Honestly don’t work in customer service if you don’t want to serve. I usually can’t give starbucks enough compliments but this girl was beyond rude.
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Dawn Marino
Closes at 8 @725, first I was ignored by 2 people one doing inventory and the other cleaning parts) then I was told all the machines for hot items were “down”. Only frapachinos and cold non coffee items available. Nice! FYI
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Needed coffee for a conference. Called in my order the day before and it was all set for me at the time I needed it.
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Kayla Sykes
I have been there 4 times in the morning when they should not be out of anything yet. Never have I been able to get a Nitro brew. Today I couldn’t even get a cold brew pumpkin latte. The morning crew said the evening crew is supposed to have it ready for the morning crew. Where is the manager making sure this is done because obviously it never is! Today is the last time I will go there. I will drive a little further to go to Arizona Pavilions Starbucks.
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Tiffany Sherman
Been coming here 6 years. Slowly getting worse and worse. Eve is an absolute tragedy, she really needs to stop being left alone. I get completely ignored when she’s working and charged extra for things. On top of absolutely no personality. She needs to have a partner. I’m tired of this place going down the drain. EDIT
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Longuseless U
Starbucks coffee speaks for itself, but the staff at this location are the real stars! The customer service is always amazing and the staff are fantastic. I love getting coffee here over any other Starbucks because everyone is friendly and helpful.
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Kiymbah Tytania
The girl working was grumpy. It was the end of the day & she didn’t seem to want to make our drinks, like it was a huge inconvenience for her. I ordered a green tea late, as I often do, & had her make it in my thermos for hot drinks. She hands it back full of ice. I tell her I didn’t ask for it iced, she tells me it only comes iced. I say that’s not the case & she says, well I only know how to make it iced. She doesn’t apologise or offer to remake my drink. I tell her that if she can make a hot late, it’s made the same way. She looks at me like I’m an idiot. So I ask her to at least remove the ice. She reluctantly does.
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Eric Cleland
I wanted a coffee with a decent amount of sugar, as well as having almost 40% milk to make my perfect cup. The coffee was made very well and i enjoyed it very much. Convenient location inside the store.
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Danielle Cutler
Most of the younger girls are wonderful and are happy to be there. I wish they would hire two or more people to run the bar and not just have one barista. The line is always long. The older gal has a stick up her behind. She thinks that she can run the bar by herself and thinks it’s ok because she can do it all. She’s rude. It’s not ok for one barista. The poor younger gals are exhausted and stressed. They are the amazing sweet ones. The older one needs to find a new job that doesn’t require customer service.
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