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Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

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Address: 9925 W Camelback Rd #115, Phoenix, AZ 85037

Phone: (623) 872-6172


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Marha Ángel
racism a girl attended us her name is giselle with a bad attitude she did not name the order why? because my name is Latin? She made us wait a long time and her attitude towards us looked very bad on us.
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Janae X
I ordered 2 banana breads NOT warmed up and was given 1 warm pumpkin and 1 banana. Not sure if the girl taking orders was trolling because she had an attitude. I drove off without double checking and won’t be returning at this location.
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Ann Kankaanpaa
What a crew of NASTY people working there. Yup request 2 cups of ice and denied it. Our family spends hundreds if not in the thousands per year for 3 people and now treated like dirt at this LOVELY Starbucks. SHAME on the snickering employees who can’t even be 1% kind. Oh did we mention they were slow with few customers and hand nothing better to do than to all look out the front window to snicker at the driver. PS this is one of the FEW BAD reviews I have ever writing in my 60 years on this earth. I wish I could have given your employees a negative star.
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Selena Valenzuela
Had a mobile order, so i went through the drive thru, & the lady tells me they’re 30 minutes behind on orders and that i would need to go inside.. okay so i would like to cancel my order, with an attitude she tells me i still had to go inside.. there were at least 40 people waiting in line. Worst starbucks location ever
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They always seem understaffed or like it’s new people who can’t keep up with even a couple of guests. I avoid this location. Last time I went because it was the only one on the way to the airport that accepted mobile orders, so I just left REALY early. I ordered my drink, and another drink without ice, for the person I was picking up so that their drink wouldn’t be watered down by the time they made it to the car. At the drive through, 2 cars ahead of me, and 15min later I get to the speaker box. I asked for a cup of ice( so i can add to drink once friend gets to car), the girl said they can’t give ice. I asked if I could just buy another drink (I could drink the tea and have ice left over) she said no since it would be for ice. ………???? I didn’t have time to explain how starbucks probably wouldn’t have minded me buying another drink.
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Widiya Buana
This store was one of the best Starbucks I have ever visited. The store wasn’t that big but it looked very neat.
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