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Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

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Address: 7184 Union Park Avenue The Family Center at, Midvale, UT 84047

Phone: (801) 563-0878


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verneshia Sterling
The crew at this location is awesome. The Manager Gomez and his assistant Franky is wonderful they provide great customer services. And they make sure the employees do the same and that is great. Keep up the great job guys. You have a great team and you guys work as a team. Once they get your name you remember it and they greet you every time makes you feel welcome. I love I feel like I’m apart of their team and family.
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Kayla Kelsey
Ordered a Venti with light ice and it’s missing the top half of coffee. I could tell the guy at the drive-thru was swirling it to make it less apparent but there’s no hiding that that cup is not full. I wouldn’t be upset it was a couple of bucks but SEVEN dollars for them to not fill it up all the way??
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Chad Hall
They are always so nice here and take very good care of their customers! Can’t wait for it to open back up again! Miss all the friendly staff members.
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Kadi Long
I ask for light ice and I know Starbucks in general is stingy on giving people more coffee than ice. So I order light ice and cold foam. There is no cold foam and no light ice. There is one guy with shaggy hair that works the drink station like making them and he is lazy. He never reads what my ticket actually says. I don’t know about anyone else but I ask for light ice so I don’t have watered down coffee usually my drinks are made good but last 2 times since they’ve had the guy in the morning working they have been wrong.
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Steve M
They really need to replace the door. Watched numerous people struggle to open it, some walked away thinking they were closed. Also, don’t care for the new remodel; I suppose more people can be seated, but the previous individual tables & chairs gave more sense of privacy – now that’s gone.
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Luke Davis
Went in for the first time today. I don’t really get Starbucks unless my girl friend tells me too lol but the service was really good and super fast. I could tell the people working enjoy it definitely try the dragon lemonade thing 10/10
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Kyle Neal
Today I traveled to two nearby Starbucks, all of which inexplicably had their lobbies closed during normal, posted business hours. Thankfully, the Fort Union had its lobby open as expected. I told Barista, Samantha Dunn, about my situation and she offered to speak to her district manager about the matter. Employees like Samantha Dunn who go above and beyond are absolutely critical, and her friendly and caring personality are truly valued.
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Kim Ulibarri
This location has the worst attitude and customer service!!!! Everytime I go….!!! My drink was not full to the top. It’s my money in spending on an expensive coffee… went thru drive thru then parked and went in to ask if it could be filled to the top.. I have had this drink many times but the girl ,maybe the manager, with short black hair and she is short gave me attitude and said every Starbucks will make it this way. I proceeded to tell her I have had the drink many times including other locations! She made me feel like I was asking too much for her to just fix the problem!! She made me feel very uncomfortable in front of all the other guest just to prove what??? I will never go to this location again! Here I come Dutch Brothers!!!
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Paul Miles
Solid. All staff is wonderful, kind and polite. Frankie and Drew standout and are always so cordial and welcoming. I come to Starbuck’s because of the exceptional customer service and experience. I have plenty of options but will keep coming back when I continue getting special treatment.
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Noah Meurer
Wow, the barista here was extremely rude. All we asked was to see the sizes. She not only refused to show us but rolled her eyes when we asked for a 20 oz drink
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