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Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

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Saturday6 AM–8 PM
Sunday6 AM–8 PM
(Labor Day)
6 AM–8 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday6 AM–8 PM
Wednesday6 AM–8 PM
Thursday6 AM–8 PM
Friday6 AM–8 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 1001 Thompson Rd, Granby, CO 80446

Phone: (970) 887-7140


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Alexis Salminen
I’ve had some pretty bad experiences at Starbucks inside grocery stores, but this tops them all. The lady was super rude and beyond unprofessional. She was talking to her friend that was there, which took forever and then literally was on a phone call while making my drink!! If you’re passing through Granby, save yourself the time and go to a drive through store!
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Monieka Hernandez
The WORST experience ever. Barista was on her phone and I. Literally said thank you and she ignored me. Will never come here again 8/28/23 at 8:30am
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marie sanchez
I see good in people who works in a busy fast phase environment but this Starbucks need a manager to tell the older lady that works there to work and help this poor girl in the photo doing all the work. I give two stars to this store coz it’s beyond slow service because only the girl in this photo works. She does all the drinks while the older lady chit chat her life away to everyone and get side track. I over heard two customers in front of me saying grande and she keep saying you like venti. The older lady takes forever to take an order while the line is up to the entrance door. Hope the younger girl will find a better barista that works with her on this busy granby location. This Starbucks branch needs improvement in handling customers in a busy weekend at granby. I give 5 stars to that younger lady who know how to smile even if she’s doing everything!
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Jonathan Vaughn
It’s was not a very well put together drink, tasted watered down, and almost no flavor. They may have been burnt out from making a ridiculously over the top drink for the kid in front of me, or it was the end of their shift. Either way, I’m not going back to this Starbucks. It was a waste of money, and the staff seemed like they didn’t have the time for you to do their job efficiently.
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J White
Stacey – the “Barista” working at the Starbucks – is absolutely the worst kind of person to deal with that works in customer service. After waiting 20 mins for our drinks – and letting the manager know about the horrendous customer service – we get to our vehicle and try our drinks. To say that the drinks tasted like dirty dish water with chocolate flavoring would be a compliment. Stacey – if you are reading this – we are praying for you and all of the people that have to work with you. I can’t imagine how many other customers you have mistreated.
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Jodi Williams
This location was ok. I gave it two stars because they did get my order wrong. I asked for a sugar free French vanilla latte now they did away with the sugar free hazelnut so I was told they would have to use regular hazelnut however when I got my latte they added mocha instead of hazelnut. They did this twice. I my honest opinion Starbucks is not worth the money any more because they are doing away with several of their opinions and are not replacing them with other options however the prices keep getting higher and higher. McDonald’s has way better cold coffee for a lot cheaper.
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Ray jennings
The Starbucks team does a great job to provide good service. My favorite is the City Market location in Granby. I know they need more corporate support and I would like to see there expansion to be completed.
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Earle Waters
City market is a store owned by the Kroger Co. and is a nice store that has many items with fresh foods, fruits and veggies. I picked up a pound of fresh shrimp and some Cocktail sauce for lunch, they were yummy! Hoping they had dri ice but no luck there. They did have block ice nevertheless. They have a Starbucks to feed your coffee addiction!
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Rajesh P
Ordered Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and the crew end up making a cold brew by adding regular milk and just taste like a cold coffee. The man who is working on seems like training the intern in making the drink. And they took nearly 15 mins to make it
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Alejandro Perez
First off, I want to say that employees deserve five stars. One star Is for the management, or for city market, or whoever decided that these poor workers who are slaving over tourists and lines past the door, don’t deserve tips. That is REDICULOUS and I know for a FACT that these guys are starting around 11 an hour. They can’t accept personal tips, and they don’t even have a tip jar. Management should be ashamed. I will change my review when I start seeing these guys have a tip jar out, LIKE OTHER STARBUCKS DO.
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