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Our iconic Original Cream Puffs, are only sold during the 11-day run of the fair and Team Cream Puff – over 150 strong – runs the 24/7 Cream Puff operation. We create, bake and sell well over 400,000 of our famous puffs, not to mention thousands of our delicious Blue Ribbon Brownies and Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies. The most popular food item year-after-year at the Wisconsin State Fair is the Cream Puff – ​ ​Wisconsin’s most iconic dessert. ​

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Address: 8200 W Greenfield Ave, West Allis, WI 53214

Phone: (414) 266-7111

Website: https://www.originalcreampuffs.com/

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Original Cream Puffs

Original Cream Puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Original Cream Puffs – Wisconsin State Fair

Original Cream Puffs · The iconic Original Cream Puff, sold at the State Fair since 1924, is the most popular food item among Fairgoers – an …

Drive Thru – Original Cream Puffs

Cream Puff Drive Thru orders can be picked up at Wisconsin State Fair Park. When you pick up your puffs, please enter Gate 7 (Kearney Street) or Gate 8 …


Brian Watzig
We had tickets for 2 creampuffs and we were going to buy 3 more (the ticket even said we could pick them up at the quick stop locations) we stopped there and said we couldn’t get the individuals from there (even though the printed ticket said we could redeem it there) so we had to backtrack through the whole fair to the central location, we bought a 3 pack, and used the tickets for the 2 additional ones, and they refused to put them into a box for us and only gave the 3 pack in a box, and the 2 on plated, so ill we could get was little bags that smashed the cream puffs in them.. We had this issue last year, but this year the tickets did say we could redeem at the creampuff quick stop and yet again we were told they couldn’t give us individuals and wouldn’t let us buy 1 more to make it a 3 pack..
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home phone
The cream puffs are amazing !!! They have a whole factory there making cream puffs the line is long but goes very fast!!! Highly recommend
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Diane Smith
Very expensive. Three cream puffs cost you $17.00 & 6 will cost you $25.They are extremely good but extremely pricey
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Well, I went to the curbside to get a 6 pack of cream puffs yesterday. When I got home and looked at them, they are surely Skimping on the Cream this year! There was about an Inch of cream in the puffs where in the past it was loaded with cream about 3 inches of it! I also found the Flavor of the cream tastes different from the past. I called the number there to tell them about these 2 problems. They told me that they put Less cream in them now, and changed the Recipe (ingredients) in the cream! That explains my questions above. Well I won’t be getting anymore from now on as I have been for many years. Not to mention the Puffs are $4.50 each, and a box of 6 $22.00, price hike with less goodness and amount of cream. Sad.
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Tina Hansen
I love cream puffs, but the strawberry and especially chocolate ones they did for Valentine’s day were soo good! I really hope they make the chocolate one a regular thing. Sadly that was the last “pop up event” til the fair now. They should’ve done like green/mint ones for St. Patrick’s day!
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Amarpreet Sran
My first time trying the cream puffs.It is soft Creamy not too sweet I loved it.I find the the price is a little bit high it was 4 for 12 dollars.
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am0625 m.
Honestly this is what I went to state fair for just to try some cream puff nd I brought home a 6 pack nd I was anxious to try it nd when I grabbed one as I was gonna take first bite I notice a weird smell nd didn’t think nothing of it untill I took first bite it did not taste right nd made run to bathroom nd made sick this is not what I was xpecting I had my boyfriend try one nd he said it smell like wet dog nd it tasted like pure eggs white not sweet a bit all he could taste was batter eggs whites..what a disappointment
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lorraine aebi
The best cream puffs ever
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Susan Voigt
Cream puffs are always yummy, the BEST. HOWEVER we were very disappointed when we opened our box of 6 this afternoon and there were only 4
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On December 13th, a women in the booth was slowly reading the order number aloud from my phone a few times while teaching her child to punch each number into the computer.
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