Moe’s Southwest Grill

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***Our restaurants may be experiencing limited hours or may be closed. Please call to confirm operating hours. Thank you for your patience during this time*** Welcome to southwestern food with a twist. Welcome to burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos and burrito bowls made just for you. Welcome to pico de gallo, seasonal salsas and good times made in house every day. Enjoy FREE chips and salsa with every meal. Welcome to Moe’s Rutgers University!

Counter-serve chain dishing up Southwestern staples from burritos to nachos in lively environs.

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Address: 604 Bartholomew Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Phone: (732) 463-0100


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Eric Mao
Super convenient, order on the website and pickup from the shelf. Can get reward points and a free burrito on your birthday if you sign up. The food containers are quality as well, they won’t get soggy and do a good job at keeping the food. I didnt est the food until 3 and 1/2 hours later and it was still enjoyable (without reheating). The containers are microwaveable as well I believe; they have markings on them that show its quality and safety. Moe’s Mondays is a great deal, so great that chips and salsa are included with a burrito/bowl. Just don’t forget to grab a fork and napkins when doing pick up.
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Backing Tracks
Employees are often rude and forget to give you the free chips and salsa unless you ask. They run out of food early in the evening (6-7pm) and barely fill bowls and chip bags (see attached photos).
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prak mish
Sep 26 2019 had home wrecker burrito. It’s one of the decent lunch options on this campus. just ask them to put the quantities you want, don’t pay attention to their attitude. $8 sth for a meal, not bad.
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Edwin Mathew
Apparently they don’t know the difference between a burrito and a burrito bowl despite it being basically the main 2 things on the menu. Save yourself the trouble and order when you get there
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Subham Das
You do get nachos with almost anything you order. It’s an okay place to get take-out from.
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Zachary Tammaro
I celebrated my PhD earlier this evening in this great place. happy to tell that we had a fabulous evening and the restaurant was surely the reason for this happy meeting. The waiters participated in a very nice manner, the meals were delicious and my buddies were so cheerful. We shall no dout return for more events. thanks very much.
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Ryan Jacob
I arrived at the pickup time. I had to wait 20 minutes for my online order. After they finished the line that was to the door, they then did my order. In all 50 minutes to make a burrito. Absurd.
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Iris Yung
They’re really stingy with their food. They give you enough rice just to barely cover the bottom of the container. Barely half a scoop of your chosen toppings, including the meat portion which determines the price you pay. For me, I only get three toppings (personal preference) so I’m paying $8 for 1/3 bowl of food. I had to crush and add in the chips just to give it a little more substance.
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I love Moe’s, but today I went there for lunch and I ended up paying for two sides of queso that I did not get. I did not realize until I left and I couldn’t go back because I had work. I did not get my side of sour cream either. It was extremely busy but I would rather wait a few more minutes if it means I get all the stuff I asked and payed for. No queso ruins the Moe’s experience :/ also, the bottom of my stack was completely burned and I had to pull it off.
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Plamen Kamenov
Terrible service but I was willing to overlook it for the promptness of the food. But now they’re just plain rude and question you on what you want. Also they ran out of bowls at noon on a friday? There’s a lunch rush and half of the options require having, I dont know, a plate to put it on?
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