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We are monitoring all local, state and federal regulations to provide customers with contactless ordering options. While some restaurants may have dining rooms open, others are serving customers through the Drive Thru, with Mobile Order & Pay on the McDonald’s App, and with McDelivery®. McDonald’s remains committed to following the data and science with safety as our top priority. In response to the CDC’s guidance, crew and customers will be required to resume wearing masks inside U.S. restaurants in areas with high or substantial transmission, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are always required for customers and crew who are not vaccinated. In addition to performing deep cleaning, safety shields are also in place for protection.

Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

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Address: 701 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75023

Phone: (972) 517-7095


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Visit our Texas City, 3545 Palmer Hwy, TX Location

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Visit our Texas City, 3545 Palmer Hwy, TX Location Mcdonald’s

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Fraz Tajammul
Regular at this McDonald’s. It’s recently renovated. Sometimes it’s busy (it’s next to school) but usually not too crowded. There’s plenty of seating as well. We have always found the staff & manager to be very friendly. It’s clean and the food tastes good. This is definitely among the best McDonald’s in the area.
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Melissa “Miss ‘Em” Hand
Went on over for a quick dinner and was amazed at how fast they were here, but then realized why when I looked at my burger….it was raw in the middle!!!! I don’t want my food raw when it comes from a fast food place…a steak house absolutely, from McDonald’s NO WAY!! None of us realized all the burgers were like this until we had eaten most of our food…..I hope my family doesn’t get sick from this! Check your burgers everyone!!
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Marlene Cortes
i’ve been coming to this mcdonald’s for a while. their morning staff is really good and they have great costumer service but the night shift people especially the manager are very rude and have a nasty attitude. it’s 10:46 , i went to go get something to eat and found a dead fly in my fries. THIS IS FOR THE NIGHTSHIFT ! DO BETTER .
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Josselyn Gomez
We showed up around 12:30 to 12:40. We were in line and the cashier took the order of two cars on the other side. When it’s two lines it’s supposed to be one and one on each side. When they finally took our order, my dad asked why they skipped our order and and took two from the other side. Instead of providing good customer service the cashier just ignored us and took the order on the other side again. So we went up to the window and the manager was immediately hostile saying that we yelled at them at the speaker. We did not my dad naturally has a loud voice and was speaking in his natural voice. The manager was rude to us at the window and wouldn’t listen to us. She started saying rude things to us. We just wanted to order but she said we’d have to go back to the screen to order or we’d just have to leave because we were holding up their line. If their line was held up it was because of their bad customer service.
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Sam Blumen
How hard is it to make chicken nuggets correctly. Especially from the place it invented the chicken nugget. At least they invented the fast food chicken nugget. No one expects it to be thin dried out and cold.
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Create with Brandi (CZT)
The room was too cold. We had to take our food to the hot car. Luckily there was a breeze. The ordering is done at a kiosk but it wouldn’t take the card so we had to flag down a food runner to cash us out. The food was good. They now have the double fish filet on the menu which is my go to. Their fries taste much better than they used to.
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LaToya Hall
If I could give zero stars I would because they definitely don’t deserve any stars at all. First off, they don’t speak or acknowledge your presence. They get your order wrong and then argue and catch an attitude. They gave me a kids drink for a regular meal. I didn’t order any kids meals and then told me that was the only cups they had after already getting 2 big cups for the other meals I had. Worst service ever. It’s really not even worth complaining because nothing is going to change with this company, let alone this location here.
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Breanna Boss
Disappointed. First they couldn’t find our order. I checked the food as we received it… a Happy Meal was a 4 piece instead of a 6 piece. We weren’t told they were out of Diet Coke until we got to the receiving window. Then as we were leaving, I noticed there was a cheeseburger missing. By then we were entering the street so we just left. Since our order was lost at first, we repeated it several times yet it was still incorrect. The food we did get tasted alright. I understand mistakes can happen but the entire experience was a mess.
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Keith Thorndike Jr
Every time I visit this location the service is top notch. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and happy to be working. Always kind and nice! I enjoy coming here.
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Jessica Witt
Do not go here after 9PM, the drive through is insanely slow. I waited almost an entire hour to pick up one order and when I left there was still a line wrapping around the building. Incredibly slow service.
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