Long John Silver’s | A&W (70074)

  3.7 – 405 reviews  $ • Fast food restaurant

Counter-serve chain offering fried fish & seafood combos, plus chicken & sides.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ Delivery Long John Silver's | A&W (70074) 88310



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Address: 19 S White Sands Blvd, Alamogordo, NM 88310

Phone: (575) 434-0330

Website: https://locations.ljsilvers.com/nm/alamogordo/19-s.-white-sands-blvd.?y_source=1_MTc1NzI5NTMtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

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Long John Silver’s | A&W (70074) Alamogordo, New Mexico

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Rachel Peganse
Food was great! Cashier was friendly.Not too satisfied with the price$ a bit much. We had to shoo away a few flies. But for the most part I was glad the food was fresh and not cooked in reused grease today. (One can usually tell) Bottom Line…Thumbs Up Great Lunch with Mom & Dad!
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Caryl Avery
Can’t go to this Long John Silver’s anymore. The building is deteriorating and I can’t stand to look at it when I’m in the drive thru lane. If the outside is so neglected then what is it like on the inside. Plus they made a mistake on my order seven times in a row. They didn’t care and wouldn’t even compensate me for even one of the meals to make me feel better and keep me as a customer. The food doesn’t taste as good either. It’s greasier and saltier than it used to be. Can’t justify going there anymore. Other old fast food restaurants have renovated their stores and it’s time for this store to do the same.
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Candice Hall
The prices are very high. The service and food is great. The A&W is awesome!! Very affordable and they have the best soft serve icecream drinks. Best floats.
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Jack Henton
These wonderful restaurants are disappearing throughout the USA. Being able to eat a fish and chicken platter really made my day. Thanks LJS! I hope this can become a routine place for me to stop at while traveling between San Diego and Kansas. I will return!!!
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Kat Fay
We have always had good service and even when they’re short handed the give a good vibe. Needs to be cleaned up at the eating tables but the food was good and shakes were great
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Ordered a grilled shrimp taco.. in the name it says GRILLED. Sure enough they were not grilled, there were only 4 peice of shrimp in a Tortilla covered in an orange sauce with micro pieces of slaw. Looked NOTHING like the advertisement.
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Dawn Basten
What a dump!!!!!!!! Went thru drive thru and good grief the place looked like it was falling apart. Haven’t been there in over a year (too costly). They need to tear it down and rebuild, desperately!!!! They charge enough, so $$ shouldn’t be a problem.
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Daniela Alvarado
Enjoyed my hushpuppies and the cheese puffs with my sweet tea. They were very nice my Lulu loved the green beans.
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len jubb
Shame you can’t give minus stars, probably the worst fast food meal we have ever had. Should have taken the hint and left when the stench of old cooking oil and dirt hit us as we walked in, nevermind the filthy floor and tables. My wife had the chicken combo meal and I had the sampler, in both cases everything was dripping wet with oil, the fish was soggy, tasteless and frankly nasty, the chicken somehow both overcooked and soggy at the same time. The only edible things (just) were the fries, shrimp and the drinks. Left 90% and went just up the road to Applebee’s where for only 8 dollars more in total, we had a very good burger and drink each in a clean pleasant environment.
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James Martin
Great food, fast service the new management is really bringing things around!
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