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Address: 601 E Landis Ave, Vineland, NJ 08360

Phone: (856) 500-6199


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#114, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08003. Phone: 856-354-2220 856-354-2230. Click here to Enter. VINELAND. 601 E Landis Ave Vineland, NJ, 08360. Phone: 856-500-6199

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GFitness Yup
I had the Lamb korma. And I know Indian food being born and raised In Nyc where the food is great. But this little spot in Vineland on Landis Ave is a diamond in the rough. The food is incredible. If you looking for a fine Indian food place Indian villa is the place you to order from in Vineland. You won’t be sorry!
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Something must’ve happened to this place because the food is just not the same as it used to be. The last time I had ordered here was almost two years ago. It was quite good.
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Juicy Rojo
Why go here when you can eat at Royal Spice? Literally the same prices but Royal Spice takes It a step further by giving you more food plus better quality. I do not recommend It here, doesn’t taste authentic and is a waste of money.
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sid misra
Place was empty when I arrived for lunch that should’ve been my que. Food I ordered was made from older dough as it showed signs of crust and taste was mediocre. Least they could’ve done is make the bhatura (fried bread) not so thick and doughy. Never going back again.
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Kaust Shroff
If you want even remotely good Indian food, STAY AWAY! I did $65 worth of food it was absolutely trash, and I don’t say that lightly. Their paneer entree had rock hard paneer, because they were most definitely FROZEN. The samosas were frozen too, because they burst open when they fried them; that only happens when frozen samosas are fried. The rice that they give with entree was just plain cooked rice. It wasn’t jeera rice, which is shocking because every other Indian place that I’ve ever gone to cooked jeera rice. I got laccha paratha and you could tell it was definitely frozen; they had that classic oiliness that you find when you heat up frozen paratha!
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Ashraf Boulos
the worse restaurant ever, place order and paid for veg dum birani and chicken tikka msala. However they tried not to give the rice that was included with the chicken tikka msala but they cut severely the portion for the veg dum birani which was not even enough for child meal, thus making the price paid very high. I will never go to that restaurant again. If I would gave advice do not go there unless you want to be scammed.
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Chuck Doddi
Possibly the worst Indian restaurant (in terms of taste) I ever encountered. Ordered 2 appetizers (Samosa and Alu Chat), Gobi Manchurian, Veg. Hakka Noodles, and Veg. Fried Rice. The samosa was ok. The chat had no balance. The 3 Indo-Chinese dishes had no trace of the Indo-Chinese flavor we are so used to, and were barely edible. The only reason I left 2 stars is because the gentleman who took the phone order was very curteous and made recommedations on what to order. I just wished the food quality matched his enthusiasm.
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Julianna MarRus
This place is wonderful!! The waitress was super nice and the food was so good!! I will definitely be coming back here ❤️
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It was better before they completely changed the management. The food doesn’t taste authentic anymore. The naan wasn’t fluffy and it tasted eggy. Unfortunately, the food served for the buffet doesn’t taste like it once did. Even the prices for the buffet went up. The total price came out to $45 for just me and my boyfriend. There are other Indian restaurants I’ve been to with higher quality food and reasonable buffet prices. Sadly, I will no longer be eating here again.
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Life With Krys
This place was okay. Went here for there $8.99 Indian food buffet. Was expecting the flavor punch but it was certainly lacking. There’s much better Indian food in the area.
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