Hungry Howie’s Pizza

  4.0 – 296 reviews  $ • Pizza restaurant

Basic, counter-serve pizzeria chain popular for its flavored crusts, such as sesame & garlic herb.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery Hungry Howie's Pizza 32536



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Address: 2222 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview, FL 32536

Phone: (850) 689-0990


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James Craven
I pretty much get the same pizza all the time, bit at the Eglin Parkway location. I was passing through Crestview and just had the urge for pizza. I got the same pizza I usually get, but this time, this Crestview location made the best one I’ve ever had. My daughter was with me and she agreed.
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Ciera nick
Very dissatisfied. The last two times we’ve ordered it has taken more than an hour and well as our pizza being cold and wings being raw…… I thought they had just had a bad night but I’ve ordered from them again today and it’s was 100% aweful. My boyfriend ordered a maui sub w/ BBQ & ranch crust with NO BUTTER it irritates his IBS. The sub was soaked in butter as well as had red sauce on it when we ordered it to have BBQ in it’s place. The crust was completely naked of flavor and there was still no BBQ sauce.
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Jonathan Webber
Ordered 3 pizzas. Upon arrival one looked like they dropped it. No problem, they replaced it. Except the replacement was just as bad. As soon as you pick up a slice, all that’s left is sauce.
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Ret M.
We ordered well done pizza it looked doughy and less cooked. Then we order the cookie pizza. And we got a giant pizza. Hungry howies in general is usually pretty good, just Crestview has low standards everywhere.
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Kelly Peavler
I just ordered a Salad and pizza delivered to me! Salad is fresh and delicious pizza is great! The food is great but the delivery Man was perfect, he was so happy! Thank you Sir!
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Troy Langley
Pizza was good. Ordered in store and dined in. After 25 minutes I inquired about it taking awhile. The employee took it from the warming rack and handed to me. He said it had been there 10 minutes.
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Nicole “TeeTee” Adams
Just completely disgusted at this stores appreciation for it’s customers. I ordered my family dinner last night. After waiting the normal long delivery time, driver shows up. My bill was 40 dollars and some change I had a 50. I ask for a 5 back after paying and tipping, only to be told he didn’t have change he only had 20s. Then tells me he can wait while I go to the store for change smh I told him to just take it back and called the manager, only to be told the food would be right back so it would be hot. 35 min later we got our cold dinner that rode around with said driver. You lost our business forever. Very very unprofessional. Why should I need change when I clearly ordered online for a reason, 5 dollars change should of never been a problem.
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Vinnie Van
Clearly ZERO quality assurance. I ordered two pizza’s today and I got $35 worth of SOUP! The top was burnt, all the toppings were on one side, yet the bottom “crust” was SHEER GREASE. How do you do that? You literally can’t pick it up because it falls apart, it’s that far beyond just soggy. Just throw it away. I honestly cannot recall such a terrible pizza experience in my life. Definitely would not recommend.
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Deniece Welch
I ordered a pizza sub and a cookie. When it arrived, there was no real warmth coming from either box. Very unusual when you order a fresh pizza. I started with the Sub it smelled, aromatic but when I bit into part of it the meat was cold, like it had been thawed slightly added to the sub andwarmed somewhat while baking the sub. The chocolate chip cookie was even worse. It was soft dough not even the chips were barely melted. Hungry Howies needs an intervention at this store to teach or fire the idiots that are sending out uncooked food! You are going to have a much bigger complaint with food poisoning on your hands. I think it is despicable and grossly under managed and time to fix this problem!
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Dark_Optix4 4
Good pizza with short wait times.
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