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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with Wisconsin-ality! Old Fashioned Malts made with Real Ice cream from local dairy Olson’s Icecream. Homemade desserts including our family recipe bread pudding, homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, homemade muffins and more! Featuring a Classic Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry and Broasted Chicken.

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Address: 2621 S Prairie View Rd, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Phone: (715) 723-0844

Website: https://heckels.net/


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Heckel’s Family Restaurant was founded in 1957 by Ralph Heckel. The high quality food and service continue today serving the Chippewa Valley.

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… to your family. 2621 South Prairie View Road, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. … May be an image of food and text that says ‘Heckel’ FAMILY RESTAURANT Friday.

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Join us at Heckel’s Family Restaurant in Chippewa Falls, WI for all your favorites! We serve a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Tokyo Tim
Whenever we pass through Chippewa Falls, we always stop for some food as it is the halfway mark for us. Unfortunately, we always stop at Culver’s. This time, we decided to search for a place we can relax inside and have better and more options. We found it in Heckel’s!!!
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Jason Powell
Great hamburger and fries. Very friendly server. I recommend eating here.
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Dylan Shramek
Found this nice place to go out to eat. Started out with the cheese curds which we’re amazing. Had the meatloaf which was perfect and perfectly cooked. My grandma had the corned beef skillet which she liked. The service was excellent! (Mikalya) Dessert was delicious! Definitely a do over.
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Letty Jean
I was actually pleasantly surprised the food was still good. I believe there was only one cook and one waitress but we actually didn’t wait long for food. I got the meatloaf which was good. And I love the breadsticks. They have a slight crisp outside and then chewy and warm inside. The potatoes were good, salad was fresh and very large. The boyfriend got a hamburger which was good also. I haven’t been to heckles in probably over 10 years because I assumed it went downhill and maybe it wasn’t good anymore but I was wrong. It may be a typical diner but food was actually good. I was surprised at the amount of daily specials too that were offered. It was really good and I’m sorry I doubted it! I used to go to heckles all the time. It was our after bar routine back when you could smoke in there. I’m not sure why I haven’t come in since. I will be coming more often! Also very clean inside still. I watch too many movies and thought this would be a run down and dirty place now. Certainly was not. Still has the same old decor but that don’t change how the food tasted. Yum!
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Rick Malmstrom
Decided to have a late lunch while my vehicle was getting oil change at blaine farm and fleet. I trusted the reviews on heckels website and only hope the out come would be good. The waiter sat in chair and didn’t come to table until she realized there is someone who needs waited on. Ordered a burger that was greasy. I needed more tissues but the waiter didn’t come back until toward the end of my stay. Another waiter sat in chair did nothing but bring water once i arrived.. Horrible service!! Too busy talking to other workers there and very loud and annoying. I left a 2.00 tip but I believe that was too much for the service I experienced. I definitely would not recommend this restaurant and would not be back again.
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Delores Krause
I ordered the BLT n fries. I ordered my bacon crispy, extra tomato and on the bread. It was perfect! Fries were good too. My dining companion ordered the chopped beef with fries. The chopped beef was gross! The texture was chewy, the flavor was tasteless, which indicated that it was old. The sauce covering the beef was slimy and gelatinous making the beef all the worse. The fries were crumbled, appeared to be the end of the bag.
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Slow, uncaring service. Rude staff, our server seemed high, and our sandwiches were cold. The only thing “hot” was the house sauce on the Philly. My wife ordered the Reuben, and the cheese had literally congealed back to a solid state. Waitresses were too busy on their phones. From my window seat you can literally see one of the Waitresses put a finger up, gesturing “1 second” and continued texting! My food ain’t getting any hotter!
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Andrew Brame
My personal favorite place to eat. I try to schedule as many sit downs here as I can. The staff are nice, food is good, coffee is ready, and price is right. Love this place!
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Pøisøn Røse
Would have rated higher just because I know they’re very low staffed right now but a $15 country steak should not be 2mm thick, all you could taste was the breading, a bit better training in the kitchen would probably benifit not only the customers but the cooks that want to put their passion into the food.
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Kevin Faber
Have had breakfast here multiple times. Today was the absolute worst I ever had. Greek omelette offered and no tzatziki. Signature hash browns were deplorable almost old tasting.
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