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Grand Manor, with a prohibition era inspired Bar & Lounge with and annexed night club & cigar lounge, which is opened on weekends. The restaurant offers a family friendly atmosphere, but also a romantic setting, perfect for anniversaries, couples dating. Our beautifully decorated annexed banquet room for special events and gatherings accommodates up to 60 guests. great views, outdoor seating, courtyard with torches, we offer live music on weekends. Taco bar every Tuesday. Our best of the world menu featuring gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup Grand Manor and Apothecary Bar & Lounge 80446



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Address: 62927 US-40 spc 1374, Granby, CO 80446

Phone: (970) 509-9535


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Danielle Fanslow
Do not spend your money here. High prices for miserable food. Plus it took 3 hours and we had to send the filet hockey puck back. No seasoning and the filet was over cooked. Actually all the meat was. When you pay $40 for a meal you expect it to be excellent. It was not. We send it back, are super patient and no apologies from the person in charge. The waitress who was subbing was great. That’s all I can say about it. Don’t waste your time or money. Zero stars.
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Henry Rockwell
The wait staff was decent and attentive, but it took almost an hour on a not so busy night to get our food and 2 of the 4 of us were quite disappointed with the food. My meal was overdone and lukewarm, and my friends’ overdone, the other two meals were OK. We would have sent 2 of the meals back but our friends had a 2 hour drive home and we didn’t want to wait another 45 minutes for something else or a replacement. We don’t blame the wait staff, but if the cook can’t handle 4 to 6 tables in a place that can seat at least 80 to 90 not including the large bar area, its time to find a new cook, or kitchen manager. We left the waiter a good tip and hope it improves, the prices were OK and the place is very classy!, they just need to follow suite with classy food! NOTHING PERSONAL! I was a sous chef years ago, cooking is all in the timing, you can’t go back and smoke a joint in the middle of cooking meals and space out the deep fryer, or how long a cooked meal has been sitting, and many meals get cold fast!, so get them out hot! AND A NOTE TO THE MANAGER AND/OR OWNER, if you really want to make money you want much faster food service if you ever run out of seating, so you don’t turn people away for lack of it. It doesn’t need to be really fast food, but never leave hungry people just siting and waiting!, at least give them good warm bread and butter, AND salt and pepper on every table! Also!, my friends were cold as the place was not well heated. I was OK, but I have a high tolerance for the cold in the winter.
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Carol Fray
Oh my, do I have to put the word out. I am back into town for the summer and decided to check out their taco Tuesday today. Oh my. It was absolutely amazing! The food was delicious, the taco bar’s layout and food selection it’s impressive. The flavors, the salad bar and live music for only $10! This place continues to amaze me. That family has done such an amazing job, I met their kids, they are so beautiful and work so well together. I love seeing so many locals being supportive of this hidden gem. Thank you Grand Manor for such an awesome taco Tuesday. The best in the County-Kudos!
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Erica Rodenbeck
I’ve eaten here several times now, and the food is always amazing. It’s impressive because there’s a pretty diverse menu, but everything they have on it that I’ve eaten has been great. They have an awesome vegetarian selection, and a really expansive drink menu (including absinth). The service is always very prompt and friendly, and the atmosphere is classy, but not stuffy. One of my favorite places in Grand County to eat.
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Carlos Beltran
This place is amazing! The owner told me that their meat is brought in from the local butcher within 24 hours of butchering. No wonder it was so fresh! The Churrasco and the Prime Rib are the best prices in town for beef. I loved the atmosphere and the decor. The staff really know how to treat a guest! I will definitely be back!
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Yamile Contreras
What an amazing amenity this restaurant is. Grand Manor. On my arrival date I got there late from the airport, I was tired and they were already closed when I called. One of the owners called me back and actually offered to have food made for me as she knew everything in town was closed at that time and they did open for me. The food was incredible. Their shrimp BLT was my favorite. I arrived with a terrible headache due to the high altitude and they helped me with that as well. Such warm-hearted people. The owner might look intimidating, but, he is such a big teddy bear. I absolutely loved these people. I was there every evening, I enjoyed everything, the food, the staff, service, the ambiance, just so beautiful. Such a classy place, hidden inside this hotel. People should be more appreciative. If you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all. Henry Rockwell, being a sou chef or anything that even remotely puts you in a kitchen doesn’t give you or anyone much of a say, you are still an employee working under someone else, following orders and mostly unaware of the ins and out of a business and don’t even know where your own paycheck comes from. Try owning an running your own place for a change, making important decisions, dealing with highly critical people like you and creating a positive environment around you, then come back and share your own experiences. These people left a good impression and it shows how genuine they are and how dedicated they are to what they are doing. I am a business woman and I deal with a lot of the intricacies behind the scene, and out of respect for everyone’s effort I will never bash another person’s endeavors, as we don’t know what sacrifices they have made to get to where they are probably the kind you and I never will. Have some respect for that and be professional, I guess sou chefs don’t have a code of honor or any respect for fellow sou chefs.
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Cassidy Voss
From the moment we walked in the door everything was very slow. Slow to be greeted, slow to be waited on, and slow to receive our food. Three of four meals were not cooked right, but we decided to only send one back and deal with the other two. They did not offer to discount us in anyway. Overpriced for what the service was. Food tasted fine otherwise and atmosphere was nice, but not worth the expensive prices.
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