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Address: 1487 N Shoop Ave #2, Wauseon, OH 43567

Phone: (419) 335-1888



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Menu – Fortune Kitchen | Wauseon, OH 43567

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Reviews & Complaints

Jody Budd
Have gone here at least once a week since they opened. Hubby had a procedure at the hospital this morning and hadn’t eaten for over 24 hours. We came here around 1:30 PM, as soon as he was released from the hospital. Most food on the buffet was empty and the rest looked like it had sat there for days! They finally did bring out some fresh food, after we had waited about 20 minutes. When I asked for a refill on my pop I was told I’ll refill it but you better not leave it sitting there full when you leave! Excuse me?! I’m paying for it, if I want to I’ll take one drink and leave it and there’s nothing you can do. Is a restaurant not your freaking home! Needless to say, you’ve lost our business. You’ve lost our $30 a week. I’m sure that won’t break you but if you treat enough people that way, it eventually will!!
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Roxie Free
Have eaten here over 15 yrs and they have always had good food and a good experience. However, the prices vs. food selection is no longer acceptable. I can go elsewhere and get sushi and bigger variety for less expense. The recently imposed 5% debit/credit card fee is what finally drove me away. That’s their cost of doing business, sorry.
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Hannah Shaffer
I’d give 0 stars if I could. Went to this establishment today because it’s my 8 year olds favorite place to eat & it was his birthday today so he requested it. The male server which I’m assuming now is the owner by the way he was acting was horribly rude. Refused to fill any of our drinks up and made snide remarks. My 3 kids were very well behaved and polite and of course young children are not going to like everything on their plates. We left at 8:30pm and closing time is 9pm. Released my bill was missing from the table and when I went up the pay the bill they had for me went up $5. I told them I looked at the total and that was not it. The owner walked over and told us to never come again & we wasted a plate of food so he was charging us for it (no where in this restaurant does this state this was the policy). My son who’s birthday it was immediately started crying after the owner was so rude and told us to never return. We have went to this restaurant at least every 2 weeks for the past 2 years because my child loved it so much & they just lost us as customers. Giving dirty looks constantly, up charging bills for one plate of wasted food all together and then yelling at my family really is not a great way to keep customers at your small buffet. I give this place another year before it’s out of business because apparently they are hurting for money so much that they lose basic decency. Disgusting.
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Jerry Sims
Enjoyed the food here several times until the last time we went in for the buffet. The waiter asked how old our kids were in witch we have triplets we told him 10.. his reply was all of them?? We replied yes and his response was to look at my daughter and tell her not to lie when she gets older.. didn’t appreciate being called a liar and the fact I would say triplets to save a couple bucks?? Refuse to spend another dime there
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Brianna Andrews
Awful customer service! I’ve loved going to this restaurant for years but the male waiter has been extremely rude for awhile. Today I asked for a Dr. Pepper and he told me no so I assumed he was joking and I joked back and he said “If you would let me finish talking, I was going to tell you the Dr. Pepper is out”. Yikes, that’s not how you talk to customers. I guess we’ll start driving to Toledo now when we want our Chinese fix.
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Nicole Beaverson
If I could give a zero I would. Charged 12.50 for a kids buffet.i could see no more then 10. Espcially when theres hardly and kid friendly options. Food was gross. Looked like it was sitting there forever.. Asked ages of the kids ,u can tell the r little. My sister inlaw was sharing food with her 3 year old and the rude waiter had to ask the owner if thats ok and the waiter came back around and told her that he is now charging her for 3 buffets bc the 3 year ate Jello off his sisters plate . that he stole . this place is a joke and never will eat there again. How much the 3 kids ate equeled out to 1 meal. And 2 people almost 35 to 40 for 2 people thats crazy. And u are charged a dine in or service charge. $1 person. Never is stated anywhere that I could see and they never cleared our table or asked if we wanted more to drink. Horrible service. Worst establishment ive ever been to. I again not say how much I’ll neber go back there.
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Carter Waite
Do you want your pop refilled all the way or just half? Do you want 1/4 of the food you would normally get or everything you paid for? Do you want your waiter to pretend you don’t exist? If you love those 3 things than this is the place for you. Honestly so bad. If there was the option for zero stars than I would no doubt press it.
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Crisine Maria Kennedy
I ordered chicken chow mein, and what I got is like boiled chicken and onion without any kind of noodles in it. I called and they said this is chow mein. Well, this is the first Chinese I had that has chow mein that looks like this. They also didn’t put any sauce in my bag even when I specifically asked them for it.
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First.Class.Enrergy_ Cam
Always have loved the food!! Been here pretty much every Sunday and always have the same experience. Staff is great. Keep up the great work.
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julienna swearingen
Worst place ever!!!!! Was so rude to me and my family when my husband asked why there was barely any food in a BUFFET!!!! And said ‘’ looks like you got a full meal from all the food you wasted” so uncalled for and was threatening us with the police already if sign a petition to close this place down if there ever was one!!!!!
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