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Roy Feldman introduced his strictly New York style bagels and bialys to Vermont in 1979 when he opened up two Bagel Bakery shops in Burlington. The businesses thrived and later opened up a location on Pine Street in 2013. Bob Leonard bought the business in 2017. After much success, Bob ventured North and opened up a brand new location on North Main Street in St. Albans. Our bagels are purely made with no white sugar or dough conditioners. At Feldman’s, we wish you the best, naturally.

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Address: 133 N Main St, St Albans City, VT 05478

Phone: (802) 582-4540

Website: http://feldmans-bagels.com/

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Feldman’s Bagels

LOCATIONs. 660 Pine Street. Burlington, Vermont 05403. 133 North Main Street. St. Albans, Vermont 05478. 2989 Shelburne Road. Shelburne, VT 05482.

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Order Online. Call: (802)540-0474 Email: [email protected] … Call: (802)582-4540 Email: [email protected] … Burlington, Vermont 05403.

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Kelly Babcock
Walked in,Noone behind the counter. I hear something from the back a voice says 1 minute. I wait a few minutes,decide what I want (not many bagels to choose from) then I see the girl sweeping. She kept sweeping, comes up to the counter sweating says nothing to me, I give her my order, pay, she wipes her sweat and turns away. She did put gloves on, makes my order and hands it to me, I said thank you She still said nothing. No conversation at all just felt like I was an inconvenience.
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Yankele D’Pilot
We are from New York and were looking for a good breakfast place.And here it is…Great for a fresh breakfast. Very tasty bagels made in house.Very nice looking bagel shop. The staff are really sweet. Highly recommend.
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Rob Burroughs
Props to the one or two employees that keep this place running. They do a great job, considering how grossly understaffed this location is. These are the best bagels around, but be prepared for a lengthy wait unless the place is totally empty.
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Ashleigh Vigneau
Delicious. Reasonably priced. It’s a great alternative to the same ole Dunkin or McDonald’s. Clean inside. And the staff were very pleasant. Plenty of options between the array of cream cheese and bagels, to the breakfast sandwiches. I will definitely be going back very soon.
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Scott Lagasse
The Everything Bagels are so fricken good! A little pricey but the food is fresh and made right in front of you. Get there early or the place will usually be packed.
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Martina Costanza
I typically enjoy this place, despite how slow it is (even before covid understaffing) however, I am sitting in my car after just leaving feeling terrible. It’s only 8 am and the young cashier rolled her eyes at me, treated me like an inconvenience, and was plain rude. I watched as she was polite with other, older, male customers before slamming my bagels on the counter and purposefully giving everyone a bag besides me. I hope her day gets better
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Nora Johnson
Edit: We have been back a few times since management responded to my feedback. I am pleased to report that service has been top notch and I amended the rating to reflect. Bagels are delicious, ingredients are fresh, and there cream cheese is fabulous; our favorite is the maple bacon jalapeno.
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Daughter and I had lunch there. Club sandwich on salty bagel and roast beef of on everything bagel, bothe delicious.
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Blake Chouinard
Went in 35 minutes before closing and the two girls working there were already closing up the place. When my mother and I walked in they both looked up to glare at us and refused to even acknowledge that we were waiting at the counter. After about 5 minutes of standing there waiting when nobody else was in the restaurant, I finally spoke up and said “well I guess we’ll be leaving since nobody wants to serve us”. The one employee muttered “sorry” sarcastically under her breathe as we were walking out. I have never experienced such rude employees
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fayth gonyon
Just ordered bagels, DESTINY forgot a ham egg and cheese, we called about it to get it replaced and everything was fine until we went to pick up the forgotten order… when getting back to get the replacement Destiny gave extreme attitude and made the experience that couldve been quick and easy, uncomfortable and longer than needed. Maybe hire more staff
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