El Pollo Loco

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While some things have changed over the last few decades, El Pollo Loco’s delivery of fresh, authentic food has not. Everything starts with whole chickens that are slowly marinated in a special recipe of herbs, spices, fruit juices and garlic. The chicken is then expertly fire-grilled to perfection the authentic way – on our signature open-flame grills – then hand cut into your favorite Mexican entrees. We put that same dedication and care into our handmade guacamole, salsas and dressings every day. At El Pollo Loco in Los Angeles,CA, we believe that when real food meets real fire the result is great taste that will keep you coming back again and again.

Fast-food chain outpost known for Mexican classics made with fire-grilled chicken.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 5300 Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: (310) 645-2080

Website: https://food.google.com/chooseprovider?restaurantId=/g/1tj8078m&g2lbs=AL1YbfUH_4OIdpOeCu-yEY4bAhaapkigYRdOZmEqNG_XIjPPaolmVplj-0vFWcMyQFt7bDQ-azl4u-apmb_bHYvmX–qkTPKD328aQEo8kXBt-WioLQSn6TCWRL0h9GCEYNG17bChHTV&hl=en-US&gl=us&ssta=1&fo_m=MfohQo559jFvMWvkddHzV46uMT_RFPQ05bfKMQVr5-7IofUJMU_hT8vrWuwRMUv3d8yCO4PgMUOzJVpjPL1YMfZ3bInYwBDuMfaXTPp5KXh-&utm_source=search&gei=IvCFY_DcLvqk2roPtcCTwA4&ei=IvCFY_DcLvqk2roPtcCTwA4&fo_s=OA,AH,SOE&orderType=2

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Evangeline Williams
The El Pollo Loco is worst one ever! They consistently handout dry old chicken. I have given them dozens of chances. Because I live 2.5 miles away I don’t take the chicken back. I will start if I forget to check it before leaving again. It’s to the point that I think they are doing it on purpose to black customers. The owners need to know or maybe the County of Los Angeles Code Enforcement. It horrible.
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I Pickett
The quesadillas were fine but the chicken was so dry you needed to pick off the top half to find anything that hadn’t been thru laying out in the sun all day. Gross.
… more
The service at this location could be better and the quality of chicken is not up to par with other locations. I went back two times 4 hours apart becuz my order was undercooked. Wasted my lunchtime. I couldn’t eat the chicken. Went back after my first job to replace it & guess what. 2nd order still undercooked. When I brought it back the next day I just asked for a refund.
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Capitan Jack Sparrow
Raw chicken on Friday to Monday in the afternoon, please Manager talk whit your cooking personal to make it well done……My family and I, exposed to get dangerous bacteria like ecole whit this chicken……..this picture talk by itself…..Don’t visit this place.☠
… more
Hilda Cade
It was not good. Rice and beans was not good was bad, save a little fir the next day and was bad putting in the trash.
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