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At El Mexicano Restaurant, we offer you a wide variety of flavorful Mexican foods and drinks that are sure to leave you wanting more. Our menu offers a collection of exquisite Mexican delicacies and fresh drinks. Some of our famous traditional Mexican dishes include Enchiladas, tacos, seafood, desserts, and much more. Stop by one of our 3 locations today and enjoy a authentic Mexican dining experience.

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Address: 1535 S State St, Salina, UT 84654

Phone: (435) 529-2132

Website: http://www.elmexicanosalina.com/


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El Mexicano Restaurant: Mexican Restaurant in Salina, UT

Looking for a great Mexican Resturant? Visit El Mexicano Restaurant which offers Mexican cuisine food with dine in option in Salina, UT.

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Visit El Mexicano Restaurant and try our food dishes from the Mexican restaurant menu in Salina, UT. Also view our take out menu.

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Mexican food. Page · Tex-Mex Restaurant. 1535 S State St, Salina, UT, United States, Utah. (435) 529-2132. [email protected] elmexicanosalina.com.

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K. Herrera
This is a great place to stop at and have a nice warm meal, great food staff is nice and friendly! Plenty of parking even for truckers !! Does get busy on Friday afternoons, but not to bad! Every time I go I try something different and I have not been disappointed yet! Thank you!!
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Karston Watkins
This is a wonderful place!
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Jon boy
The food is very tasty here but the service needs some attention. If you have the chance, try their horchata. The waitress was mostly non-existent. Towards the end we got impatient and went to the entrance of the restaurant to get our ticket. The server only had two encounters with us and both of which had an attitude.
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Rachel Bennett
Came through after an 8 hour drive looking forward to an experience based on the reviews. We ordered the simplest items on the menu, a burrito and a torta. We waited an hour for our food and when it came out the torta was placed in the middle of the beans making it a mess to pick up to eat. A man who might have been the manager came to our table and when we brought it to his attention he said well you ordered rice and beans and said that it was only on one side. When we showed him he said “I don’t think so”. So now you want to tell us we’re wrong too?? If you are expecting food in a timely manner do not come here. Choices are limited in this area but not so limited that customer service doesn’t need to be something to work on! And then to ask if that’s ok. Seriously??
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Matthew Bills
This place is pretty good. Salsa is not the best & the service is very slow. Watched three other customers sit after us & get their food & dessert before we got our meal… 3 stars
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Tracey Pinson
It’s difficult to find good food while traveling..but we did. I am a picky home cook and usually pack my own food. I was pleasantly surprised at how great this food was. It was not greasy or salty had great flavor and everything was fresh not to mention the huge portion size. Very friendly staff. I will stop there again on my next trip. I ordered the Steak Fajitas and a Bean and cheese Tostada. It’s worth the $$.
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Jay Ortiz-Perez
I gave this place a 3.75 star which is the equivalent to 75% which is about a C+, B- at best.
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Michelle Jackson
My husband and I stopped in while traveling back home; what a disappointment! I ordered the two taco dinner with ground beef, rice and beans my husband ordered the burrito dinner. The ground beef filling in my tacos was horrible! The beef tasted as if it had been boiled. It was completely devoid of seasoning. The beans were half cooked and the rice tasted three days old. My husband’s burrito was a big sloppy mess! The reviews we read were great, which is why we decided to eat there. Good service, awful food!!!
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Vernon McPherron
Great food. Large portions and good value. We wanted to try something different while in town and weren’t disappointed. It was very busy when we were there. And perhaps as to why we had to wait a while for our food. Great place for family.
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Randi M. (RJM)
Food is excellent definitely a 5 star. Service needs improvement. Don’t mind if they’re busy and slower, but how about a smile and some friendly greetings?? The sour unfriendly scowling faces just makes the dining experience feel sub par. Maybe your tips will increase with some friendliness!
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