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Dutch Bros Coffee is a fun-loving company serving coffee, Rebel energy drinks, cold brew, frozen drinks, tea, and sodas. Dutch Bros “broistas” serve up a menu of more than 10,000 drink combinations in 13 states. Dutch Bros also gives back to organizations near its communities by donating to both local and national nonprofits throughout the year. For questions, please visit our Contact Us page on our website.

Fun-loving chain known for its teas, smoothies & coffees, as well as specialty drinks.

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Address: 2221 Churn Crk Rd, Redding, CA 96002

Phone: (541) 955-4700

Website: https://locations.dutchbros.com/dutch-bros-coffee-98f6ba2c098a?y_source=1_MTUyMjgzOTgtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

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Kristi Garrison
I go to this stand almost everyday. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. Today I went in and I ordered my usual two medium drinks and went to pay and realized I left my card at home. I told the woman taking my order I was very sorry but I’d have to cancel. She told me no don’t worry about it it’s on me today. I thanked her over and over. She didn’t have to do that at all but I really appreciate that she did. I got up to the window and asked for her name he told me it was Gabby.
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ADreanen Antoun
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Jennifer M
First time at a dutch bros coffee and it was awesome. Got a pineapple lemonade blended ice and omg so good! Mocha coffee with extra chocolate and a regular coffee, nothing regular about it…it was really good coffee. Just expanded my coffee options, so happy.
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NorCal Vicious
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Michael Unsinger
The employees at the “4C’s” Dutch bros stand are honestly some of the most genuine, caring, and hard working baristas I’ve ever come across.
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usually i don’t have an issue with this location, however recently i had gone and the coffee tasted foul so i asked for a replacement. the lady who took my order was very nice, however the manager was very condescending and seemed to be having a bad day. he said “i don’t play games, i know your type” and implied that i was trying to defraud him. he wanted me to provide some form of identification, and when i showed him my DoD ID, he accused me of stolen valor. connor was his name, i don’t think he meant to do this but he had spit on me while speaking and the next day ended up testing positive for covid. i have never had an issue with the staff and am a iraq war vet so i’m used to foul language, however that manager is not somebody i would want to interact with. i am giving two stars because generally i enjoy dutch bros coffee and go to their other locations, however my experience with the manager was so negative that it triumphs what would’ve otherwise been a minor inconvenience
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Alex Holmquist
Even though it was packed it My girlfriend kept insisting on getting a free coffee lol I don’t know why I guess she really wanted to take advantage of that discount anyways the drive-through was packed probably about 15 minutes till we got to the window but the barista was amazing and she did an excellent job and gave me an awesome recommendation as well for a drink
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Elaine Hobbs
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Robert S
I was approached by a rude male worker with dark hair . He said i wasn’t allowed to use my free stamp card Coffee drink, that i earned by spending Tons of Cash on the over priced drinks . I was treated so rudely and i will Never return to Dutch Bros. I will only use The Hearth and Starbucks. Thank you ..
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Daniel Bleach
I love Dutch Bro’s. When the economy was suffering, they forced people to start tipping. That’s a good business strategy. I guess if you’re dumb enough to pay that much for a drink. You’re dumb enough to tip…Good for you
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