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Address: 310 W Midland Ave, Woodland Park, CO 80863

Phone: (719) 687-9793


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Daniel Thomas
A so-so experience. As a southern boy raised on biscuits and gravy, I have high expectations when I hear “the best biscuits and gravy in the area.” These aren’t it. They’re obviously made with sausage grease included, but it’s fiercely lacking in the flavor department, leading me to question if it was cut with more standard vegetable oil. The donut on the other hand was great. Old fashioned yeast donuts that are larger than average and the icing was surprisingly good.
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Stephani Scheer
Hands down the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had! I’m still drooling thinking about it… and of course the donuts are so, so good too! This was such a fun place to visit, the staff was really friendly and gave great recommendations and the atmosphere was very cozy, it was a great place for us to enjoy a delicious breakfast together while in town!
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BradandJen McCleary
Sweet little place to grab some tasty treats! Donuts and they also had some breakfast choices! We opted for the donuts with the kids and sit to eat them inside with the cool atmosphere! Didn’t get to try it on this trip but they also have ice cream !! Highly recommend you check out the donut mill!
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A Ames
So we stopped here on the way home this morning to grab a couple of donuts. Been here a year and this is the first time. I stayed in the car and told my husband to surprise me. Well he did. OMG! This is the largest cinnamon roll we’ve ever seen! It’s like a cake! Could have had lot more cinnamon and a little more sugar, but still very tasty. We’ll be back!
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Robert Smedley
I know this is a long time favorite, however I hate to tell you they have not aged well. We were visiting and had went to the dinosaur museum down the street. We decided to get the kids a sweet treat and some food too since they have both. The food we HORRIBLE, seemed like a microwaved breakfast sandwich for $6. The biscuits were doughy and the gravy thick. The place looks like no one maintains it. In the bathroom, which is dirty, there is a huge letter from a customer saying how great it is there, only issue is it was written in 1976, if I remember correctly….could be 77. The young lady at the counter was pleasant but seemed not to interested as did the “cook”. The donuts are only slightly better. Everything is over priced for the quality, I would not recommend this place to anyone.
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Lauren Weist
Took my hoard of heathens out for breakfast this morning to treat the 2nd oldest for his birthday. They ordered about 2 of everything on the menu and every single thing was ridiculously delicious. The birthday boy took one look at the plate sized cinnamon roll and decided he wanted that instead of a birthday cake. These 4 boys have been snacking on all the goodies since first thing this morning and are anxiously awaiting cutting into the cinnamon roll after dinner. My only regret is that we are only in town for vacation and it’s a 45 minute drive from our actual house we will definitely be coming back.
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running funk
Loved it. Was welcomed kindly by the staff, and appreciated their patience as we took forever to decide. Totally pleased with the visit and the coffee. The buttercream filled chocolate was probably my favorite. It was so big though. I can’t wait to try the raspberry filled. I wasn’t daring enough to try the fruit loop covered chocolate donut.
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Mickey Pietrzak
We had been staying nearby and kept passing this place. We finally decided to swing by on our way out of town. It was about 8:30 on Labor day and it was PACKED. The line wrapped all the way around into the dining room. There was only one guy taking orders, but he still managed to welcome us in a friendly way. Once we made it to the counter, we once again had a nice short conversation despite the rush. My family got all different donuts from the right side of the case and we were all more than impressed. Certainly among the best donuts we’ve had. I hope we get a chance to swing by again.
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Bob Kramer
Hey, my wife and I love donuts as much as the next guy, so travelers told us when in Woodland Park stop at the Donut Mill. So we did, in the middle of the afternoon mid-week, and we were waited on immediately. (Counter service.) I got the raised chocolate donut with sprinkles (photo) and my wife got a jelly filled bismark. Here’s the problem. We had just had lunch, and we were full, so we opted to take the purchases back to the cabin. We stuck them in the fridge, and had them for breakfast the next morning. BIG mistake. I’m thinking both would have been 5-stars had we eaten them fresh, but as it was, they were just “OK” the next day. Should you try the place? YES. But, eat your purchases fresh.
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Trent Dasen
The Donut Mill ended up being the unexpected “treat” of my recent visit to The Rockies. My friends and I were looking for some local sweets to get the full vacation experience, and this business definitely delivered! The town of Woodland Park is a hidden gem, just like The Donut Mill.
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