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Sandwich chain specializing in hot & cold subs, plus salads, in a counter-service setting.

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Address: 3104 S 27th St, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Phone: (414) 831-1171


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Cousins Subs is a Wisconsin-based, fast casual sub shop serving grilled & deli-fresh subs on freshly baked bread.

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Sloppy & dirty. Came here after work to get food. Pulled into the drive through, they forgot my cheese, didn’t make the sandwich how I asked. Waited 30 minutes in the drive through & this is what I got. Cucumbers taste old and just ruined my appetite. Don’t waste your time or money!!!! So disappointed ☹️ would give -2 starts if I could
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Pamela J
I come here often because after a long day of seeing patients I sometimes just want some good ol’ comfort food. However it never fails for them to always take forever and I miss out on my lunch which by the way is an hour long. Or the food quality is not up to par. I ordered an Italian special with extra lettuce and receive the regular amount of lettuce. I also ordered a cup of chili that was colder than room temperature. I had asked for cheese to be added so I got charge extra for the additional cheese which I don’t mind. However, I would’ve never ordered the soup if I knew it would’ve been cold to the point where the cheese did not even melt one bit. I ended up throwing away the soup due to it being cold. I unfortunately still come here often due to it being so close to my job. And I continue to tell myself to be competent due to once working in the food industry. However at this point I am just kind of fed up with the excessive amount of time they take making the orders even when you order in the drive-through or ahead of time. They always have you waiting more than 20 minutes expect to wait at least 30 minutes in the drive-through if there’s one car ahead of you. I guess it’s time for me to just find a new sub place that’ll comply with their job’s mission.
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kisha walker
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Travis AKA Doughboy Food Reviews
Cousins Subs: This Milwaukee based sub sandwich shop is located throughout the Midwest at more than 100 locations. It was founded in 1972 by cousins Bill Specht and Jim Sheppard (hence the name Cousins Subs). To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of the subs from Cousins. This sucked as a kid because it was my Dad’s favorite place to go for subs. I always found the bread to be overly hard/tough and not that flavorful, which is kind of ironic since their slogan is “Better Bread, Better Subs”. I will say that of all their different types of subs their hot ones were always the most tolerable as the heat seemed to soften the rock hard bread. It’s been a few years, so I entered this review with an open mind and blank slate (it didn’t hurt that the sub was provided free of charge by my boss at a work lunch).
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Sharon Stewart
Super good, bun was fresh with just the right amount of everything for the ham and provolone cheese. Bacon salad in a bowl was awesome.
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Terry Bruss
The food was tremendous. The cheese curds were out of this world. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great sub sandwich.
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Ernnie Garcia
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Beverly Johnson
Good, ordered in store. Did not take long at all. Sandwichs we’re delicious.
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Fuzzy Red Camera
Great restaurant chain. Some locations are staffed better and cleaner than others
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Sergio Cheko Murillo
Poor costumer service. First of all, they take forever to make your order. I was planing to order 2 (double cheese steak and tuna with cheese and jalapeños) subs 2 shakes, 2 fries and cookies but due to some technical problems (or something) I had to come to the drive thru window in order to make it. The kid taking my order was rude and rushed me into making my order. I ended up just ordering 2 subs nothing added, no shakes, drinks or nothing. They still took over 20 mins to make 2 subs.
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