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Country Pride was founded in the heart of the Midwest with folks like you in mind. With fresh food served by a friendly team, we’re committed to providing a high-quality dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast with a buttermilk biscuit, sausage gravy, eggs, pancakes, bacon or sausage and hash browns like our Long Haul Breakfast or you’d prefer a juicy burger like our Buffalo Ranch Jalapeno Burger, we have a meal you’ll love. Don’t miss out on our line-up of mouthwatering steaks and dinner classics like Chicken Fried Steak. Craving something sweet? We’ve got that too! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, come see us at Country Pride in TA Earle for your next meal.

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Country Pride Restaurants were founded in the heart of the Midwest with folks like you in mind…. 1806 Hwy 371 West, Prescott, AR 71857.

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Jack Loftus
Best breakfast I’ve had so far this year!Cook made the best bacon I’ve had in years!Eggs, hash browns and toast were outstanding as well.So glad I stopped as I almost never do breakfast.
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Regina Crawley
Excellent, Clean, Fresh and Delicious. Stacy was our Pleasant and Delightful server. Hats off to TA Contry Pride Restaurant Best looking & Tasting Buffet***Thank You TA***
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Alfred Wright
Would give a zero stars if I could but the girls waiting tables were nice anyway got my food u can tell the guys not a cook clean your grill food had black specks on it an my toast had hair on it an I’m a truck driver and paid 17 dollars to park an get this for dinner good way to lose your business ok I should have waited until I tried the food because hashbrowns were way to salty the eggs I ordered over medium an came out well done yoke was hard ordered the steak medium well an it came out barely medium an the buffet well if u try it your braver than me look like it sat all day even here salad looked old
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Keith Kellam
Its a truck stop but the location is good, the place is clean and the service is good. The food was filling and really hit the spot after a few days on the road. Try the salad bar.
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Patti Saltarelli
We’re on our way back to Michigan from a two-week stay in Texas. Stopped at the RV park across the street from this little restaurant. We were surprised by how good the food was. The soup and salad bar was fresh (nice cold plates!) and lots of choices. This was at 8:00pm!! My husband had the Ribeye steak and it was a perfect medium rare. Really liked the roasted green beans. The cook was excellent. Our waitress, Laura, very pleasant and attentive. Overall all a great experience. We travel this way yearly. We’ll put this in our notes to repeat next year. Thanks!
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Jasmine Stubbs
Came here last year for the Easter buffet and did not like the selection they had and the food was over cooked. My family convinced me to give it another chance this year. My what a difference a year makes. Great selection, the food was warm and fresh. This is a very clean establishment. Our server, Kristina, provided great service!!
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DONT GO HERE… orig read the mixed reviews and thought I would give it a try. Waitress came over to my table and just stood there looking at me. I said hi. She asked me if I wanted something to drink. This was already heading in a direction I didnt like. I went to salad bar. 3 bowls left in the cooler all had crumbs of food on them. Salad bar wasn’t as presentable as I hoped. Buffet had food that looked like it had been over cooked and left in the warmer. I had to walk to the waitress area to ask for utensils. My drink didnt come until after my meal did. My loaded baked potato had chopped onions under overcooked/melted cheese and bacon bits. No butter and no sour cream. If that was the cook’s joke on me I didnt find it amusing. The one bite I took of the Chicken fried chicken was overcooked and very small. I had to ask if she could get my water. When she returned with my water, I got up and told her my potato had onions on it and chicken was tough. I said thanks but no thanks and walked out never to return to that location. She obviously doesn’t like her job nor customers. Quite obvious.
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Randa Bruenn
Wish I could give our waitress a 5 star rating. Malory was awesome. It was her 3rd day and she was doing great. The other girls were not. One walked away and hung out at Burger King talking to a working there for 45 mins. The other girl stood with her back to customers playing on her phone. The salad bar was over half empty. No salad bowls. No desserts were out and the roll basket was empty. We sat at one of the only 4 tables that were clean. Not sure what the other 2 were doing but they weren’t cleaning tables or waiting on anyone. This is the second time we’ve ate at this restaurant and both times were very disappointing. Not sure who the manager is of this restaurant but they need to spend some time watching from a far to see what their staff really does while away. Glad I’m not the boss, I would be working more hours and getting rid of people who dont want to work.
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Logan Hembrough
Service was very slow
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H “Honest” R
The female (Earline) here is extremely rude and refused to place my order. I have never been to a Country Pride and treated so poorly. My family and I spend a lot of money at Country Pride since we travel state to state for work. We stop a few times a week, that’s how much we eat at Country Pride and have been to this location many times without a problem but I will not spend another penny at this location. The lady here obviously need to attend some type of customer service class or quit her job because the job she is working isn’t for her. I am really forgiving to people in this setting since I’ve worked in this field before but I cannot be forgiving to this lady. She was just horrible. I will be calling the manager and the manager’s manager. This is unacceptable!!
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