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Address: 9952 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: (571) 719-3960



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We had a pretty bad experience. We had dine in and it took 45 minutes just for the appetizer. There was only one other table occupied when we were there. That’s pretty unacceptable. They definitely prioritize delivery orders over their dine in which I don’t agree with. When we asked when the main was coming (it has been about 20 minutes since the appetizer, so over an hour at this point), the waiter laughed and said “I hope eventually” needless to say I was not laughing with her. It ended up being another 10 minutes before the mains came ( 1 hour and 15 minutes since we ordered). The food was just ok. The rice portion was absolutely tiny. The only reason I’m not giving a 1 star is they gave us my drink free (not sure if intentional) and they restocked our Radish 3 times ( we were starving so kept eating that while waiting, we had to ask for the refills, was not proactive). We will not be coming back. We highly suggest skipping this place and going to Bonchon instead.
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Lauren Jones
Yay for more Korean Fried Chicken (or KFC for short ) in Manassas! I got the gochujang tenders and a side of truffle fries. First chicken tender: this gochujang isn’t that hot, what was the server worried about. Second chicken tender: I’ve made a huge mistake. That gochujang flavor likes to slowly build up until the heat is nearly overwhelming! Was only able to eat 3 out of 4 of my tenders before the heat got the best of me. Also love that this place has gizzards!
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Emily Edwards
My husband and I decided to try this spot today. I’ve heard so many good things about it, I couldn’t wait, and it absolutely did not disappoint. He got the curry chicken wings, I had the snow onion wings. They were both so freaking good! OMG. The place is clean, and we were greeted and seated as soon as we walked in, and offered drinks, and given picked daikon which was so yummy and refreshing. Service was super attentive and polite. And, as an added bonus, I had the joy of listening to our waiter sing every single song that played while we were there. I wish I got his name… It was adorable, and just really tickled me. ❤❤❤Thank you so much….. We are DEFINITELY coming back!
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Jay L
Wow!! Talk about some good chicken! That Spicy Soy and the calamari were fantastic. Great staff. Very Clean environment.
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Kathrine Solomon
The best fried chicken I ever had! Totally recommend this place for all my fried chicken lovers. I ordered the Garlic Spicy wings and it’s delicious and crispy, they have other different flavors but I love spicy so yeah. Not only that the foods delicious, it is also cheap ! How cool is that ! Totally coming back here when I’m craving for fried chicken! So please all my friends and family come and come !! ❤️❤️
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Sharon Kim
Price of a whole chicken is now $27.99 and as you can tell they barely fill the to go boxes. We probably only had 8 pieces total with 2 small “popcorn chicken” pieces. First time trying here as my go to spot is Centreville. I would pass this spot and go somewhere else. Definitely not worth coming here.
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Peter Siemsen
Very good chicken (Korean style means double or triple deep fried)! ALL the flavors are very good so try everything! Better to eat in the shop because by the time you bring the food home, it might be cold and the food doesn’t taste as good cold (eat it hot and fresh). Reasonably priced for the area.
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Stacy Dennis
I work at the Hand and Stone near by … I see this and wait and wait.. FINALLY it is open ..Turns out this is a chain .. a chain from Korea.. I love it .. so many American places all over the world.. love the cultural exchange.
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Keriann Reeves
First time at a CM Chicken. Came in and we were the only people in the whole restaurant for at least 10 mins (and this was on a Thursday around 6/6:30pm). Cashier who doubled as the server, as they were the only employee present in the whole place, walked over and asked if we were doing dine-in or carryout, which seemed like an obvious question given that we had sat down at a table and were just waiting to be served. She brought over the menus, which were just the paper take out ones, and after taking a minute to scan the menu, I asked how many drums came in an order, she started listing out a series of numbers that didn’t make sense at first but that I realized correlated to how many pieces are in each of the different type of order (drums/tenders, wings, half chicken , whole). I ordered the soy garlic drums and she took the menus. She brought us these tiny disposable water bottles to drink from and I wanted to ask if I could just have my reusable water bottle that I had brought filled with water from a soda machine or even tap because these bottles were only gonna be maybe two sips at most before they were done, but there was no such soda machine in sight, only an upright drinks cooler case behind the register. The orders seemed to take forever to come out, even by Korean fried chicken standards. The soy garlic was surprisingly spicy given it there was no spice indicator on the menu for that option and the fry was similar to a southern fried chicken style more than what I think of as Korean style. The chicken was just southern fried chicken tossed in a soy garlic glaze essentially, and the glaze was pretty runny/drippy so it was pooling on my plate as I ate. I thought the quality for the price was a bit mismatched, though the serving sizes are large, enough to take home leftovers, so that may be where the cost is derived. The server barely came over to “refill” our water (provide us with more mini water bottles), which given the unexpected spiciness, was somewhat inconvenient. The biggest kicker though, was that after I was finished eating, I placed a carryout order for a family member to take back with me and the server had me give my name and phone number, which she wrote down, even though I was still sitting in the restaurant and going to wait for them to be done, and then, even after coming back to check what I had said for the order (which she hadn’t written down), I still ended up receiving the wrong type of chicken. Overall, it seemed like this person had never taken a dine-in order before and I was blown away by the lack of professionalism/low level of service which is the main reason for this low rating (chicken was ok, but my impression was colored by the weird dine-in experience).
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Mohamed Abdelwahab
Chicken tasted weird and the guy who works there even admitted it and we had to get a refund. Also the first order that came out was wrong and I think they repackaged it even after I touched it but idk. Ended up only eating the fries which were good at least. But this has been my worst experience at a CM chicken and i go to various ones in the DMV
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