Chipotle Mexican Grill

  3.9 – 562 reviews  $ • Mexican restaurant

Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

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Address: 369 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

Phone: (408) 213-2935


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Paul Duran
Only went here to get lunch for my daughters. Not really a fan of this chain myself. I prefer authentic Mexican cuisine. This American version of Mexican cuisine, is not my cup of tea. The fact they had no Guacamole, plus were stingy with protein items… Not a good look either.
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Nathan Lee
Been going here for years and I feel really bad for the staff because they must be very short of a full rotation. In short
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Jai Rajasekaran
I love the restaurant and specially I want to thank Justin for awesome customer service. The food overall was flavorful and delicious. Thanks again for Justin and the whole crew. Best wishes
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Hit or miss, but it has been a hit lately, thank goodness, because Chipotle is the closest “food” I can get that is “fast food”. Other times, you seem like a burden to ask for anything extra even if you’re ready to pay for it.
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Tia Hicks
Had to pick cheese out of my order. You can’t say you provide vegan options if all of your vegan options are cross-contaminated. It’s gross and it makes people physically ill.
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Veronica Valdez
How do you allow your bins of meat to run empty?? Tell your customer it’ll be 8 minutes and 15 minutes in, barely begin to defrost Adobe sauce. Chicken done, chopped and sitting there waiting for that sauce.
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Mike Gonzales
I walked in to order and there is a bunch of people standing around waiting for rice to be cooked. Apparently the person who had the job of making rice, dropped the ball! They all act like it’s no big deal, looking at me like “you can go somewhere else!” How does a business make a profit with employees like this. They’re all just standing around. Talking and laughing. Ugh! I’m waiting. I’m sure the food will be worth the wait.
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Shawn Brown
The food was gross, the guac was old and the meat was flavorless. Came in from out of town, stopped off to get some food and was very disappointed. Wouldn’t recommend wasting your time, find somewhere else to eat.
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Bharat Chandrahas
Service wasn’t particularly great, but it’s a chipotle in a convenient location. As long as you like the food you won’t be disappointed.
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sujee selvakkumaran
They take money under false pretenses here. Please don’t go to this branch. There was no iced tea but gladly took my money. Would not have ordered a drink if I knew there was no iced tea. Bunch of thieves.
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