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✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery Chef Peter's Bistro 85374



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Address: 17300 N Sun Village Pkwy, Surprise, AZ 85374

Phone: (623) 322-1011


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Marjorie Wass
HAVING gone back several times, I can add what an awesome person Chef Peter is ( and his staff too). Chef Peter truly cares about his customers, going the extra mile to make you happy to knows him and his Bistro. today he treated EVERYONE in sight to Ice cream from Ice cream wagon, your choice. He is a fun, caring and upbeat person. His Bistro is a TO GO TO for all above. A enjoyable dining experience. Very nice, friendly and efficient staff. Casual atmosphere, good menu choices. Looking forward to going back often.
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We went at lunch time. Friendly staff was able to seat us quickly. Food was hot and served quick. Bought the $6 take home meal to add to our left overs. Great experience overall.
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Michael Crimi
My wife and I went for lunch this past weekend. I had the Ruben sandwich and my wife had the gyro with a salad.
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John Anglin
Everybody said CPB was Great, or at least they heard it was. But Nobody had eaten Here. So after years of Heming and Hawing we finally gave it a try. There were two Occupied tables and 3 dirty tables. And they told us to seat ourselves , there was one choice. It sucked. We were asked if we wanted a menu ? Well of course as we have no idea what You serve. Breakfast or lunch? What if we might wanted one or the Other. Or one wanted Breakfast and one wanted Lunch ? Anyway We ordered Coffee , we asked immediately for 1/2 and 1/2 and More Splenda. The coffee arrived No Cream , No Splenda and No Spoon. So after a Few Moments. We made due with What we had. French Vanilla cream and sweet and Low. This really Bothered me . I Truly Love My Cup of Coffee. And Really Want it the way I like it. So now I try it . Not Only was it Terrible, it was Cold. Tasted Very Old. We left. Tried to pay on the way out. The First thing that was Professional was the Chef telling Us not to worry about it. And he was Sorry. The Waitress never said a Thing. It will be a Very Long time Before we give this Restaurant another Try. It was Really a waste of Time. After We went to Dennys and they brought coffee and Splenda / 1/2 and 1/2 all together , then took our orders . What s Difference. Should of Known , any Restaurant that serves Eggs over Corn chips can’t have a very good Imagination. 2nd thought. I’m Never Coming Back .
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