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Address: 808 Sheridan St SUITE 308, Honolulu, HI 96814

Phone: (808) 722-5302


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CAKE makes life Happier! … 6 Years Anniversary surprise cake box | 6 assorted individual cakes … 808 Sheridan Street Suite 308 Honolulu, HI 96814.

CakeM Hawaii – Custom Cake Order

Location. 808 Sheridan Street Suite 308. Honolulu, HI 96814, USA … 言語切り替え. English; 日本語. Copyright 2020~ cakeM Hawaii.

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Yvette Baker
DELICIOUS! And completely adorable inside. The strawberry shortcake was a favorite.
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Blu Phone South Korea
Small and beautiful Japanese style (French style?) cakes. Shop is pretty too. Not too sweet like American especially like Hawaiian sweets. Very polite Japanese-English bilingual stuff members. Everything is very Japanesey. I would go back again! (Cakes in my photo look squished only because of my driving. They looked perfect when I got them)
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Nancy Nguyen
First off, this review is a mixture of the in house desserts and the custom cupcakes I had ordered. My dad had their cream puffs and loved it. Said it was the best he had so far in Hawaii. I also had their strawberry shortcake and thought it was ok (had better).
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Yukari Takai
Love cakeM! I love the store because their cakes are all made from the scratch. I’ve tried strawberry short cake, mont blanc cake (OMG! So GOOD! I believe they only serve on Wednesday and Thursday), chocolate cake, fruit tart, lemon tart… and they were all amazing! They serve local grown coffee and tea (Lilikoi tea). I will definitely go back again!!!
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Spirit white
Beautiful little store, delicious sweets, tea, coffee and very friendly. Will definitely be going back
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Jon Brown
Decadent desserts satisfying the sweet tooth without overdoing it. Fun inviting atmosphere on the third level of the 808 building.
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A very delightful simple atmosphere. Cute little pastry shop with Japanese pastry style and taste very light on sweetness. I highly recommend it. Japanese and English speaking staff. We ordered a birthday cake and it was amazing. And Honestly, you have to try the cream puffs, the best I have had in Hawaii.
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Joseph Glade
This is a great place! Parking is free for the first hour if you purchase something from the shopping center. Have a garage which uses robotics to park cars. Fabulous! The cakes were good too!
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I love this Japanese-French style cake shop I didn’t eat cakes in US it’s because most cakes are too sweet. However CakeM’s cakes a not overly sweet, and everything’s are home made I ordered my Wedding cakes and desert bar here and all my guests loved them
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I. Lee Tudela Williamson
Tried this place 3 times. The second time, walked over there only to find a printout taped to the door saying they were closed that day (during hours that they are otherwise open).
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