Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

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Home of the Original Sweet Pork Barbacoa! Cafe Rio Mexican Grill brings you made-from-scratch Mexican food with fresh ingredients. Come experience for yourself why guests proclaim they would drive 47 miles for our Sweet Pork, bathe in our queso or drink our tomatillo dressing. We’re proud to craft scratch-made, chef-inspired masterpieces in our kitchens every day using fresh ingredients and a heaping of flavor. #CafeRio.

Counter-serve eatery dishing up Mexican classics including hand-rolled tortillas, burritos & tacos.

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Address: 3215 3300 S Suite A, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Phone: (801) 463-7250



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Home of the Original Sweet Pork Barbacoa! Cafe Rio Mexican Grill brings you made-from-scratch Mexican food with fresh ingredients.


Nick Bierman
This is a great location! The workers here are very friendly and service is really great! Their nachos were wonderful and we also got a salad. Whatever Café Rio you go to the food quality is pretty similar so I think the most important part is the quality of the building end of the employees. I would give this one a 10/10
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Parker Wagner
We normally love our experience a Cafe Rio, however, when we were going to eat dinner tonight, the tortilla lady was taking bites out of the dough as she was making it. It makes us want to eat elsewhere. The worst part is, we witnessed her take a bite of the dough and some fell out of her mouth and she just kept on kneading it in. You can’t make this up folks. Hate to leave a bad review because of 1 person, but that’s just nasty.
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Haley Johnson
This was the worst cafe Rio experience I have EVER had. I made a pick up order and waited in line for over 15 minutes after my order said it would be ready. I watched a worker drop 3 different meals into the trash and showed ZERO urgency to hurry and get someone to make a new one. There was zero urgency in general. The service was terrible and there were at least 10-15 people waiting to get their food after their expected time frame. There was 5+ people working the line and food was still talking wayyyy too long. Absolutely terrible experience
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Tyler Larsen
My salad would have tasted better if the chef had drained the juice from the beans and pork. It made it a soupy mess with a soggy tortilla. I’ll go back to Cafe Rio, but not this one.
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Matt Schildgen
Great service, great fresh food, great prices! Salads come with guac included and wheat shell is no extra charge. Use the app and every 10th meal is free!
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Zachariah David Hales
This is by far the worst cafe rio in Utah. Let me start by examining the piss poor tiny parking lot that can’t even hold enough cars to fill the place. They have improved but it’s still miserable. The there is the line. If you didn’t rip out your hair trying to find a place to park you will when you realize you’ll spend 30-45 minutes in line to order. Ridiculous. But if you want to order online count on the order not being ready until 15-20 minutes after the scheduled time. No one in management seems to care about these problems. For those reasons I would never suggest eating here. It’s a terrible experience and I will not be back again.
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Roxana Ortiz
The food was good. Customer service was nothing too remarkable. Had to use the restrooms and they were dirty, mirror was dirty, no soap so could not wash hands properly, no hand towels so couldn’t dry my hands either. We got there an hour before closing time and gargabe was in bins next to the gargabe bins, don’t know if its because they were too lazy to take it out since they were near closing. There were a lot of sketchy looking people so I don’t think we’ll be visiting this cafe rio again.
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Marco Perez
Why this lady got throw my food like that!? They messed up i said steak and they give me chicken, she makes a new one and then chucks it on the tray with no respect, the amount of disrespect is un real. Hate tour job then quit already. Going to costa vida next time
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Ryan Kirkham
Honestly, I hate to do this but I’m giving 2 stars. The parking is horrendous and we went today in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and it took so long. They were understaffed severely. I took pictures of the garbage cans, not my normal move, because they were overflowing. Cate Rio needs to figure out how to implement some customer service because they may be selling a lot of food but people like me are opting for other restaurants where the whole experience is better.
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Jake George
Something tasted off when we were eating this yesterday. Now all three of us have food poisoning. This location is a health hazard.
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