Boone Area Chamber of Commerce

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Boone Area Chamber of Commerce 28607



Address and Contact Information

Address: Office of Peak Group Insurance, 149 Jefferson Rd, Boone, NC 28607

Phone: (828) 264-2225


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Kenneth Crumley
If you ever need to know anything about the big city of Boone North Carolina just call chamber of commerce cuz they do all kinds of things besides look pretty all day
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Sally Smith
While staying at the KOA, we called and spoke with Ms. Natalie who was very helpful with what we were looking for. We were searching for a County Map that shows all the streets in Watauga County. Better than any tourist map that was given to us at the Visitors Centers. Ms. Natalie gave us great directions over the phone how to find their office and once we arrived, they have the map we have been looking for! Yayyy! Thank you Ms. Natalie for your awesome hospitality, upbeat personality and we certainly enjoyed talking with you! If you are looking for a great map of Watauga County, the maps are only $3.00 and worth every penny!
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g bees
Great people doing their best to support our beloved Boone community!
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David Bradley
Boone and Watauga County are amazing areas with history , outdoor opportunities and beauty. If you are looking for an attorney to assist in buying or leasing in the area, You may want to avoid Boone attorney Phillip Ginn. Mr. Phillip Ginn, while acting as a NC judge was unfair in a civil case involving attempted censorship of reference to the Bible, which was later ruled correctly by a fair and respectable judge as freedom of speech. Mr. Phillip Ginn was said by female attorney Karla Wood as being prejudiced against female attorneys, while explaining her rude treatment by him in a court case. The area is a great place, and if you choose to rent or buy there, I hope you have a good experience. I am a Dept. of Justice Instructor, and I really like the area.
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Isaac Beane
Wasn’t sure where to leave this review. But hopefully the city will see this and fix a problem. I am a resident of a near by city and used to love this area. Our favorite restaurant resides there. We have been coming to the town of Boone for over 20 years for a plethora of reasons. However we recently visited our favorite restaurant which is a quaint building with less than five places to park. We have parked in a nearby lot for the last five years. Today when we ate at our favorite place our car was towed. Again we have parked in this same lot for the last five years because the restaraunt is terribly small with only FIVE places to park. This city is driving people away from this area by enforcing such crazy parking. My wife and I will sadly never be back to our favorite place for this reason. The problem is, there is limited to nothing for public parking and there isn’t enough for visitors such as us. We would gladly pay a reasonable price to park in this particular lot if it were available.
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Really would have been nice if the small things like the voice mail would have been updated. Saying things like: not in office during, say the day after Christmas. So folks don’t think it’s open, and make a trip to be faced with a office that’s closed. I tried to call. I was just thinking that you all were simply just busy. Not the case. It is after all the small things that make things run so smoothly. Final touches. The efforts are small, but the way it makes you look is very well put together and organized.
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Judy & Allan Wagner, NextHome Mountain Realty
Amazing team in full support on Boone NC. If you have ANY questions this is the place and these are the people who can assist with a smile
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Ashley Daughtry
As a small business, we appreciate the Boone Chamber of Commerce! Thank you to David and Wysteria and all the Chamber staff for their dedication to promoting businesses in Watauga County!
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Troy W
why is your office closed for covid-19 per your website while you lobby for no quarantine or safety for boone citizens?
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