Blue Asia Cafe

  4.4 – 126 reviews  $ • Taiwanese restaurant

Colorful cafe serving Taiwanese, Japanese & Korean cuisine such as bibimbop & unique sushi rolls.

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Address: 113 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134

Phone: (617) 202-3868


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Blue Asia Cafe – Boston's Taiwanese Fusion Food Destination.


Dear our valued customers, We would like to inform you that starting July 1, 2022, there will be a price increase across all menu items.

BLUE ASIA CAFE – Allston – Menu, prices, restaurant reviews

We are currently offering delivery through RICEPO, HUNGRY PANDA and CHOWBUS. Pick up option is… 113 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134.


FC Yang
A great place to have some Taiwanese food around Boston area!
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Mario Lan
Today I go to this restaurant where I go to few times. There is a worm in the dishes I eat. I am very upset. But since we are all from China, I choose to forgive and not to call the department or lawyer. Hope they will care about the quality of dishes! Don’t make this big mistake again.
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Dan Nguyen
The sesame wrap with Hoison beef is AMAZING. I love their boba tea as well, definitely surpass many surrounding competitors that are large boba tea chains.
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George Qiao
some of the best food in Allston. Portions are massive for the price, everything is cooked perfectly, service is quick and efficient. Everything on the menu is good, you can’t go wrong! Underrated spot for ssure
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Andrew Lin
I don’t come here often, but whenever I miss home home, I eat here. Their minced pork sauce over rice, grilled chicken leg, typhoon rolls, and milk tea are my favorites. My friends also like their corn egg rolls and rice noodle beef soup.
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Grace Liu
Very delicious food, huge portions❤️ Chicken cutlet and pork cutlet bento rice is the best!
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Baobao Gong
We were very disappointed about our experience in Blue Asia. We were treated rudely and without respect. We went there around noon time while World Cup was on and it was the last 15 mins of Germany vs Mexico. As soccer fans, both my boyfriend and I were very excited that that game was playing on TV in the restaurant. There were about 3 groups of guests at the time. 2 out of the 3 groups have 1 or 2 guests and they all sat on the large 4 people tables. The rest of the restaurant is completely empty. So we decided to sit at a 4 people table so we could watch the game side by side from the TV hanging on the wall. The owner told us that because the restaurant is about to get”full” shortly so we have to sit “face to face” so she can arrange guests on the other half of the table. We argued that the rest of the groups are sitting on a large table without having to sit “face to face” (see pic) and we were willing to move if new guests need the space. She responded because they came before us so they could, we could not. We offered that we would switch our seat to “face to face” once the game is over in just 15 mins. She refused us very rudely and threat us she would not serve us if we don’t move. For about 10 mins, we didn’t get any water. However, the restaurant didn’t get any fuller than we first came. Half of the restaurant were still empty. So she decided maybe it was not a good idea to not serve us. We eventually got our food but noticed the guests who came after us got seated at large 4 people tables although the group has only 2 people. Not sure how she decided the “rule” in her mind. By the time we left the restaurant, half of the tables are still empty (see pic). We felt we were treated very rudely and unfairly. The lady didn’t apologize to us at the end despite the fact that her earlier assumption was totally ungrounded.
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Shan Lin
Generous portion, impeccable service, and hospitality. Great food!
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Shiping Wang
Great one dish food place to eat by yourself. Price/food-amount rate was good.
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Lien David
Very great and authentic Taiwan food!
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